Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. SkyeTheLazyPotato

    This video made me hungry

  2. Wolf Lykaios


  3. Regina Carney

    15:54 I bet hardly anyone got that joke but it is so good 😂👌

  4. Caroline Peabody

    I hate people who say heigth instead of height, sorry Anne Marie.

  5. Father Yeet

    ah yes, free serotonin time

  6. dorami3

    I made cupcake shaped bathbombs as party favours for a wedding shower, cellophane wrapped with a tag on it. One of the guests placed it in her bathroom at home, and her unwitting husband unwrapped and bit into it. He tossed it out and told his wife how terrible the cupcake tasted 😂

  7. Xoel pr

    If soap is made of oils and lye, these cupcakes are made of oils and lies. (Because, y'know, they're not edible)

  8. Genevive Bolton

    done. ι aм мad wнy? ι ѕaw SAFIYA dмѕ * ι aм ѕorry нer boyfrien <

  9. Kaylee Claire

    The final product was incredible!! I'm SO impressed with the result!

  10. M

    For some reason the audio is terribly cracky on this video for me. Must be a problem with CNsel because I’m hearing it on my tv, my pc and my phone on this video. Dang CNsel get your crap together! 😫

  11. poopy boy

    soapy queen.

  12. Nina Yokum

    why is no one questioning why her fridge is COMPLETELY empty hahaha

  13. Selena B

    Next up: Franken Soap Cupcake

  14. JJ Binks

    "That really uttered my muffin" never heard that one before

  15. Lind L Taylor


  16. awkwardsity

    Anyone else concerned that there was no food in the fridge? Are you eating?

  17. Lychee

    No one: Safiya: *s h i z*

  18. Ash 12354

    What I learned from this video; Saf swears when she is nervous 😂😂😂

  19. DOgO plays

    A first I thought is Moriah Elizabeth

  20. Hailey Bushmaker

    Tyler just threw out the term vertical integration and I knew exactly what he meant. My marketing degree was worth it😂😭😭😭

  21. booksnotlovers

    Safia: Lye can be pretty darn dangerous Norwegians: *sweating over their lutefisk* we literally have a type of fish that is pickled in lye

  22. LizzyUnique

    Yes saf

  23. Peyton Scott

    This is so fun and silly and COOOOOOLLL

  24. Kaleiope Studio

    For pouring into tiny molds you can use an eyedropper. Not a plastic one though, they will melt, I know from experience. XD

  25. Gacha Smokers

    Omg have the same wisk as my mom uses hers is the same and yay yoy havent posted ina long time and you finally did

  26. Mya Cobb

    Hi ur amazing 😉

  27. Jet_Box_Jelly

    the time has come for Safiya to mix every soup together

  28. Dusty YellowThunder

    I'm honestly glad she posted because I kinda thought she died from caronono

  29. Cathleen Gaffney

    Combing every soap from bath and body works or if lush has any

  30. Malnourished Spider

    you probably know the drill 1-safiya 2-tyler 3-cristine 4-ben 5-crusty 6-menchie 7-zyler 8-threadbanger 9- rosanna 0- justine

  31. •Raineisfalling •

    You made Cristine (didn’t spell that right) proud with the holo glitter 💿

  32. Chz Burgers

    Yay I’m so happy your back! I’ve missed ur videos so much I’ve been binge watching all your videos during quarantine 😂💖

  33. camila marulanda

    missed you!!!

  34. Cindy L

    i feel like i need a degree in soap to understand this lol

  35. Robo Waffle

    Did Safiya got more healty in the video? :0

  36. Hayley Campbell

    why is their fridge so empty? lol

  37. Brady Jozwiak

    Safiya is the type of person who would go to Bath and body works just to smell the stuff

  38. Camila John

    Can someone just please tell me why these aren't edible ~Mindblown~

  39. Bliss

    Anyone else bothered that there wasn’t any ridges 😂 😖 looks good tho Saf!

  40. like ok

    The cupcake base looked like the cupcakes from cat in the hat

  41. dettitted

    this. is. so. freakin. awesome.

  42. Zeineb Ben Mami

    Other CNselrs when they post a video after a month of posting nothing: 30 minute intro about how they were taking time to find their true self Saf: SOAP

  43. Asian Boy

    Why do people make things that look like food but are not food

  44. LeAnn Garrett

    Now I’m sad because it’s over😢

  45. Michelle Beaulac-Emslie

    I’ve been making handmade soap for about 4 years I love ❤️ it

  46. Fabio Galletti

    when the sequel is even better than the original. (the cross montage of Anne Marie, the Original Soap making and the live action _chef kiss_)

  47. Sven Vanmolen

    done. ι aм мad wнy? ι ѕaw SAFIYA dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нer eх-boyfrend <

  48. Zero Waste Curls

    Yes I’m so glad she posted!! small CNselrs let’s support each other

  49. tiff m


  50. Adele Taylor

    Fun fact : Saponification can also happen to the human body after death under some circumstances.

  51. Mehak Singh

    What a time to be making BAT 🦇 embeds 😳😂

  52. Christina Aswez

    4:03 soap ahegao

  53. HSN Kids

    No one.... Tyler: A - A - A - Alcohol 😂

  54. Tiny Mushroom

    The woahs when she’s mixing the frosting soap

  55. Lance Elliott

    I don't like shit that looks like food because it just makes me angry I can't eat it lmao

  56. Lindsay Meng

    Haha your new place looks literally identical to Jenna and Juliens house or Rosanna Pansino

  57. literally human girl

    make soap gloves plz. / #badmakeupsince

  58. Albert / Alan Greenman

    brilliant video.. it is good to see you back

  59. VanitaKay

    i love Ty's early 2000's song references

  60. Michelle Beaulac-Emslie

    Bramble Berry’s champagne fragrance is my absolute favorite

  61. Giuliana Kobielnik

    Safiya I love u and I’ve watched you channel for a year

  62. Grace Lee

    Should make a lipstck soap!💄

  63. Jamil

    Can we get a updated house tour 🥺

  64. MaddiLonglegs

    Safiya- sleep deprived Tyler- sleep deprived Crusty- wondering how these people are such idiots Anne Marie- Yelling at her laptop say " you're doing it all wrong!" over and over again Me- wondering what she is watching?

  65. Hope Sunshine

    Me, who does that... Hehe yeah no one 😳😬

  66. 王丽丽

    I’ve been waiting for this and it has finally come

  67. Malnourished Spider

    who do you prefer? like- safiya comment- cristine

  68. kateland g

    Those look so freaken good!😯😯

  69. Remi 112

    do you know how good the pranks would be with these food soaps🤣

  70. Backup

    Oh boy, now I’m hungry

  71. Tan Chau

    OMG you uploaded :D

  72. Christina Aswez

    *points to self* "That is also made from oils and lye"

  73. Karyl Montalbo

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who continuously curses when I frost baked goods😂

  74. Lavenderixi

    I really thought it was dessert 😂🥺

  75. kikizx _

    if you’re a fan of Safiya make the like button blue 🥰 also I hope you’re safe!

  76. Ayesha Kamran

    Can you please do a house tour

  77. Poppy Playz

    Omg hello you havent posted in forever yaaaaay

  78. Emma Smith

    I love how the whole time Tyler’s like “amazing” “beautiful” at everything she does he’s so sweet

  79. Tina Bergman

    I am asking if it is cheaper to make your soap or buy your soap?

  80. Shannon Ransom

    Crinkle-cutting the meltables helps to increase the surface area and decrease the thickness in any given spot so it melts more evenly! Great video Saf!

  81. Kirsten Weix

    Saf- I found some silver holo glitter "💿Simply💿 has entered the chat"


    Safiya is coming for Ann Marie’s merkin

  83. Cassidy Cooney

    Make a Franken soap like just melt down a bunch of soaps in to one bar

  84. Kawi Duckie

    Safiya: idk about you but... iM aRouSeD!

  85. Mollie Vazquez

    done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw SAFIYA dмѕ poor нer eхboyfrend <

  86. Stephanie Clarke

    Does this make you soapiosexual?

  87. Clara

    Good video but please turn off the water while you're washing your hands and not using it ❤️

  88. Gacha_ Killerwolfy_76

    Where is Christine she's supposed to see if it's real Holo or not 🤣

  89. Eleanora Dzen

    I hope that glitter is biodegradable though

  90. Lydia-Renee Darling

    As a sweets lover and baking enthusiast, I’m not sure if I’d be excited making cupcake soaps or resentful...

  91. dane x taboba

    Can we get an updated Makeup Routine pls 🥺

  92. Latin Phoenix

    i woulda been nervous to put anything in the middle of an exothermic reaction in a sealed container of any kind, let alone in the fridge 😬

  93. Jasmine Hayes

    So happy to posted😁😁😁😁

  94. Mikake Studios

    Safiya: I'm aroused. Me: Same.

  95. Lucy Wood

    "Now we're gonna add some glitter because everything is better with glitter" *sees Glam N Gore running away, trails of green behind her...*

  96. Hairy Potato

    No one: Absolutely no one: Saf: *WHUA uAH UAH WhuAH UAH WhAh WUAHWAHEWaHUh*

  97. Libby Kempsell

    They look like the cupcakes from Cat in the Hat... KUPKAKE-INATOR!!!!!! anything, Anything, anything, Yes Anything, anythi- I’LL GET YOU AND I’LL MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A BLOODY ACCIDENT

  98. Tiffany

    31:49 most cut them in half vertically.

  99. Caitlyn Reilly

    That kitchen is so gorgeous!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺 house tour please!

  100. Marion Jaein

    I care why you’re using a big bowl with a top on it 🥺