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  1. NO SKILL standoff 2

    2019-2020 A

  2. Lucky one

    I watched this video 5 years ago and youtube not even want me to forget it lol :))

  3. Tiana Pettitt

    We also sell mugs

  4. Keith Kingcade

    When Ian ate that poop donut while I was eating a donut I almost threw up 😫😫😱😱🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Aleksandr taylor

    Anyone here from 2019

  6. Nigel Jackson


  7. Toti Muayad

    Did anyone else notice the merrell twins at 4:53

  8. Campbell's Corner

    2019 squad anyone?

  9. Campbell's Corner

    The toaster wasn't plugged in. . .

  10. Fredrik Ottesen

    Steevie is a big part of Smosh.

  11. Ender Boy

    Wow 24.9 mil?? I was here since 25 mil

  12. Terri D

    To dam funny. 😀🤣When she sat down and the spring flew her into the ceiling lol. 👍😃🙃😅

  13. Anto Dujmovic

    You press the A button😂😂😂😂

  14. petrosinella

    4:56 I love Noah and Keith as a couple! It's even cuter than their bromance.

  15. XQ DC

    This is the 1st smosh video I ever seen good times

  16. lok_ turtle

    OMG...the Merrell Twins are there in the back of the class with the teacher who mumbles everything!!!!!!!! : -)

  17. Soul King Brook

    meme means boob in my language...i love memes.

  18. Josie Creations

    Hey guys Courtney’s appointment is in 1 year and 19 days! Btw ( this was done 6 December 2019 )

  19. ɱყ ɳαɱε ʝ僃

    We all know noah would be a better james charles than james charles

  20. Sione Senju Musie

    Oh my God I won

  21. coco chanel jr

    besst one ywt

  22. Nuno Castro


  23. Rebecca Ellis

    Courtney in the audience is cracking me up 😂


    I just realized that Rachel was in the dank and strict teacher scenes. (Watch the bee-kini wax vids!)

  25. TTV Potato

    My name is also Lucas

  26. Communist Shrek

    Anthony = L

  27. Communist Shrek

    Where is Ryuk ?

  28. Bub1029

    Yay, the old theme song is back!

  29. Anon Anon

    This makes me :)

  30. •Mythical Aura•

    *ain’t no mountain high enoughhh, ain’t no river low enoughhh*

  31. Nostalgic Vision

    Every one needs a teacher like Shayne (Mr.Carson) (Brian)

  32. ThePillow7

    I remember asking my mom to play their music and she said what’s it called, and I told her and she banned me from even talking about it or watching them at my house, so I could only watch it at my grandmas

  33. Red_Shadow 58

    I really love working with kids- BALLS *FBI OPEN UP*

  34. Thirst Tea


  35. DarthSpiderMaul 401

    Still better than Force Awakens and Last Jedi.

  36. episode_iv

    I thought shayne was gonna say his name is mr goodman...

  37. Abdullah Gaming

    I never heard of a superhero that kills their own parents instead of them dying of natural causes or murder

  38. Lucija Vlainic

    0:00 *ha u thought i was leaning on my right hand*

  39. pineapplesforlife 2

    5:12 you can see the Merrell twins in the back

  40. Harry King

    Well then any chance of sponsorship has slithered down the drain

  41. Rianne 1

    I was waiting until this was reccomended.

  42. Onchopris

    America: *Has denny's* Eu: *What the f### is going on over there*

  43. Ultimate Gacha Gamer

    F*ck siri

  44. Jii uwu

    Mr Grub Vs Courtney Freakin Miller THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN

  45. Sans

    3:25 YASSS

  46. Jose Diaz


  47. Ella Lemay

    oH yEaH

  48. Brook Chromy

    Who wants Super Head Espoder X Back on the App Store??

  49. Mr Trollo

    Btec overwatch is here

  50. mustansir billah Taha

    who is from 2019

  51. Aliyan Imran

    stupid loser SMOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Aleks Suhanovs

    They are already IRL

  53. Alex Little

    Damien and Keith are the best singers of all time

  54. A_TheMore

    This is the first time the Every Blank Ever video went to 10 minutes

  55. Saad321 Nassef


  56. Wow, Okay

    best one yet

  57. Brian Lightbourne

    They didn’t even put you guys in the comedy for CNsel rewind

  58. rideaway1

    i think 10 and 11 are the best eras of smosh

  59. SkullShooter 115

    Even after 7 years, no CoD 12

  60. •Äugüsț Ğirł•

    You lost some subs!

  61. Georgie Walton

    Bet you won’t like and pin this comment.

  62. Maria Marsala

    Watching since 2008

  63. potato slayer

    Black Widow is getting a movie.

  64. Shade That Demon Cat

    Dude I haven’t checked this channel out in forever... can’t believe you’re still going. Keep being awesome, guys

  65. Kraver

    Ok boomer

  66. Cecilia Ahlmark


  67. Ruby Darling

    Haha thats why im not doing the garderbelt thing

  68. Tanmay Khadsan

    This was surprisingly awesome.

  69. T_T Zero


  70. Lucas Nielsen


  71. Thomas Mendez


  72. An Army 4 life

    we had a substitute physics teacher not too long ago for about 3 whole months, he was russian (we're latvian), he always wore crocks or sandals with socks in class, sweatpants, talked to us like some kindergarteners, we're in 11th grade...we didn't learn anything from him...He was just pretty weird, not really the good kind of weird either.. I'm glad my actual physics teacher is back, I've never really liked physics but at least with her i could actually learn something..

  73. Ultimate Gacha Gamer


  74. TotallyNotAScrub

    I liked just for the super Saiyan bit

  75. Jasmine Nichols

    Why haven't yall ever collabed

  76. Karigaile K.

    I had one today and she marked half of the students absent...

  77. Aub on the cob P

    I love it when that guy makes out with the tree

  78. Jay Cartwright


  79. pukalo [CDN]

    Back when Smosh was actually good

  80. Jacob Wieczorek

    Wow... What happened here?

  81. thearmedknight

    Now I can’t forget sexy joker.

  82. BenBrown0

    0:58 Damien just can’t resist

  83. RodrigoCraft's


  84. Jose Javier Cuestas

    Gimmie your *V B U C K S* *B E T A*

  85. Patrick Drury

    Subbed. lmao

  86. Frosty ladd

    Wonder what Anthony is doing now

  87. Noor Khan

    The last of us part killed me 😂

  88. Priority 1: Kindness

    Me too! My demons are super nice, though. 😈

  89. Joshua Valentin

    Who summon deathly weapon in the bat cave JOKEEEEEEEEER!

  90. Merjan CLM

    how not to piss off woman courtney: girls are gross

  91. Kelly Blackwood

    You should have them each talk about their charities for a lil bit. It could help bring awareness to all of them and maybe get viewers to donate too!

  92. Anubhav Kesarwani

    2013; DIXON CIDER 2019; JOE MAMA...

  93. Crypto Gamer

    Good times when it was only Ian and Anthony

  94. Colton And more

    Do every dbz ever


    Ok boomer.

  96. Sofiane Azzam

    Wa bzzf had chi Had l9lawi hhhh

  97. Sugar Msp


  98. Katelyn

    Okay, I get we’re all out here tryin to make money, but there are a LOT of ads in SMOSH’s videos these days, lol.