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    Hi, I have graduation project related to creating chatbot and I'm using watson for that. I'm really want your help. So I want your whatsapp number if it possible!

  3. Russell Hampsey

    Is this service still available?

  4. Sapna Tare

    I found suddenly , go to dashboard -> services on top left -> open services list -> click on your service( example - Wasston studio - rs)->create project Nor sure but i got that one

  5. Bass Town Ncs

    so good <3

  6. Robert Roussel

    When I get to Step 4, it looks different from the video. Perhaps new changes to facebook developer? There is no option to subscribe to a page. Rather, the page from above is automatically displayed in webhooks. However, I am clearly missing a step because even I can't get a response out of it. Any ideas, everyone?

  7. SkinnyBoy

    AI has nothing to do with consciousness, AI doesn't need to learn. As long as a machine can solve problem in an intelligent way, that is enough to be considered AI, just like John McCarthy defined in to be in 1956. There is great misconception from people with no computer science background that all AI has learning capabilities.

  8. Harshit Vardy

    Always loved IBM...ever since my internship at IBM, I've been using IBM Cloud.. I even got a $1200 promo code for IBM Cloud.. Thank you for providing these extra-ordinary services P.s. I've been waiting for CLI for months and now its here

  9. Arpitha GM

    How to do with NGX-Logger, I want to store logs into a flat file , how can we do with NGX-LOGGER ??

  10. Krishna Gupta

    definition of CRI could have been better explained

  11. Bass Town Ncs

    awesomely epic


    How to implement validation in Kafka using Avro schema registry?

  13. richard son

    Dear IBM Team, Please let me know how to download the custom model from knowledge studio. FYI- I have created custom model in IBM Knowledge studio and deployed.

  14. 윤혁준

    Hi How do I set policy in the server.conf.yaml file ? example please

  15. Sebastian Zmener

    Very interesting, Joe. It will be good to have more videos on this series. Creating an instantiating chaincodes, and executing transactions.

  16. Sebastian Zmener

    Why do you choose OS1 as enroll ID and not the Ordering Service MSP Admin, as when you select it as an Identity? It's the same?

  17. Sebastian Zmener

    You created a cluster with three worker nodes. So I understand those three nodes work together as one. Does it mean that when you deploy a CA, a Peer or any other blockchain node they are not assigned to any specific Kubernetes node? Are the cluster nodes related to the blockchain network nodes or they just use the same word "nodes" but refer to diferent things?

  18. Navid Parcha

    It was just definition.

  19. Dr. John Djabeng

    Jazz is my favorite thing

  20. Siddharth Sen

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  21. Pe Ex

    hI , i would like to have an account into main frame system.is it possible regards Pe

  22. ibmspring springs

    No cloud in IBM.

  23. Hariharan BK

    very good job !!!.

  24. Sebastian Zmener

    Why do you export your identity for the MSP but not for the admin created with the CA? I would also like to know why do you need certificates for the actions taken instead of just validating signatures based on identities When you create the CA and put the admin enroll ID, it also creates an identity in the background, or it's created later when you press Associate Identity?

  25. FR NightCore

    You stopped Sword Art Online project ?

  26. Navaid Ahmed

    Hi, I am facing below error, please do the needful: Navaids-MacBook-Pro:dWTVAdvancedApp navaidahmed$ npm start > [email protected] start /Users/navaidahmed/Navaid/Trainings/Cloud/AppDev/dWTVAdvancedApp > node app.js /Users/navaidahmed/Navaid/Trainings/Cloud/AppDev/dWTVAdvancedApp/node_modules/cloudant/lib/reconfigure.js:124 var result = {password: config.password, username: config.key || config.username || config.account}; ^ TypeError: Cannot read property 'password' of undefined at Function.getOptions (/Users/navaidahmed/Navaid/Trainings/Cloud/AppDev/dWTVAdvancedApp/node_modules/cloudant/lib/reconfigure.js:124:34) at Cloudant (/Users/navaidahmed/Navaid/Trainings/Cloud/AppDev/dWTVAdvancedApp/node_modules/cloudant/cloudant.js:33:27) at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/navaidahmed/Navaid/Trainings/Cloud/AppDev/dWTVAdvancedApp/app.js:55:12) at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1151:30) at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1171:10) at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1000:32) at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:899:14) at Function.executeUserEntryPoint [as runMain] (internal/modules/run_main.js:71:12) at internal/main/run_main_module.js:17:47 npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno 1 npm ERR! [email protected] start: `node app.js` npm ERR! Exit status 1 npm ERR! npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] start script. npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above. npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: npm ERR! /Users/navaidahmed/.npm/_logs/2020-02-13T17_06_37_035Z-debug.log

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    How can i do this project?

  29. ibmspring springs

    Just wonder? Is it possible the IBM cloud product will be replace by redhat cloud? and What about the powerVC?

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  31. Ritvik Jaiswal

    All this video did was, telling IBM is still not having any idea about how DevOps works. let me break it down 1-First mention was FEEDBACK (Can this not be received in the existing working model? or not being received?) 2-Second reduction of testing from many days to few hour. How is this even possible. This is like talking about a government tender of bridge construction that has approval process which takes eons and if a code is very long and have complexities and you have to go many many criteria to test it then you can never reduce a three-day work to few hours and if you are able to do then your testing is anyway not effective and it will cause re-work which again contradict your philosophy that DevOps reduce re-work The core philosophy of DevOps is the Seamless work of Development and Operation team in order to deliver a product by using Constant Integration and Constant Deployment which reduce time. Rework is something its always there, no philosophy or system can ever remove the re-work. Its gist is DEV and OPS on the same page with equal rights and collaboration. Simple as that.

  32. Viacheslav Dobromyslov

    Simple and clear. Thank you!

  33. Allan Spessa

    This work does NOT predict wildfire intensity, rather fire hotspot activity and not accurately it would appear. The viewer doesn't know why the model fails because NOTHING is discussed about what features are used to drive the prediction, nor what model assumptions are made. Disappointing- I had expected more based on the title of the video

  34. Md. Zahirul Haque

    Hi, Can I get it from Bangladesh!

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  36. Ali Cat

    Book is not downloadable...even on the IBM website it gives errors as well...bad sales

  37. Zeedup E-Learning

    Learn what is devops in a simple animated 3D motion graphics Video cnsel.info/video/shi-pin/nXNleqeupnabrpM.html

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    This is really very good monitoring source code to monitor IBM MQ

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    horrible ! i dont even have the same option in add to project !

    1. Sapna Tare

      me too. how to see create project

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    Thank you! Straight to the point.

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    IBM creates video about a robot- robot doesn't move.

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  43. Subhabrata Datta

    cool ! was not aware that z/os mainframe could be accessed using command line now

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  45. Ku Mu

    The book is not downloadable. I tried several times.. shame

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  48. vignesh padmanabhan

    I am currently working on transformer fault prediction analysis where i don't have any failure data, as the data gets cut off before the time of failure and then a new transformer is replaced. Thus i have no failure data to work with. Such situations how do i do predictive analytics? The issue is this is important for us as there is quite a lot of failures in IDT.

  49. John Paul Avila

    I am following the tutorial as of now and I noticed that kubernetes is not included in lite. I need to upgrade my account. Is there a work around for this?

  50. Addepalli Sasanka

    Excellent knowledge on Technology air. Congratulations on being promoted as CEO

  51. No_longer_ The_Same_Arka

    He's such a nerd

  52. Deutschsprachige Gospel-Musik

    4:56 "A developer is payed to write code" - Yes, but that should include test code (unit tests)! ;-)

    1. CALLUS X

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  53. Igor Gabrielan

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  54. Nathan Phillips

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    It's was so clear and straight to the point Sanjeev.

  60. Steven Free

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  62. Shanthan Vasalamari

    Cant we use debug to log to a file?

  63. chbrules

    This didn't explain anything about their purpose, just that people continue to use them. This video was a bullet point on a marketing slide for IBM, essentially. Why bother with them instead of distributed x86-64 or ARM-based server infrastructures? I fail to see why I would spend so much on this proprietary platform over the more ubiquitous x64 architecture server ecosystem?

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  67. MarkG Machnacki

    While your presentation was very good, you should also recognize that "DevOps" is far from something new! Actually I was more than surprised to learn it has only been a few years in use. More than 30 years ago other industries used these ideas, with their own tools and techniques. DevOps copied some the same buzzwords and strategies, and that's okay. But we're was management and the leadership all of these years?


    All this did was tell the world that IBM still doesn't know what DevOps is.

    1. Ritvik Jaiswal

      Exactly, even what I was wondering what he is talking, all he mentioned was automating the deployment process and fact that it can be be automated in any existing model. DevOps is not just about that

    2. sweet Delz

      LORD BAGIRA 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

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    That was so straight to the point! Great job!

  70. Samar Zaidi

    The book link isn't working. Please fix it.

    1. Deutschsprachige Gospel-Musik


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    Can Watson carry a full conversation or is it the phrase ‘Hello, my name is Watson’?

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    Well done ! Good info well presented! Thank you!

  82. Robert Deloyd

    I used to work as an operator on IBM 360/40 and IBM 370/155 back in the day... watching this video makes me feel really old :(

  83. A Webb

    Probably the best intro to th AREDN network out there! Thank you to all parties! The right questions were asked and great information was handed out! Thanks guys!

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  89. Alex Mickal

    I was pretty fed up with the amount of helicopters the military has and that it's pretty simple to predict fire. It's a little more complicated than water. By knowing weather and tje terraom we can erradicate wild fires. 100,000 Californian citizens lost everything and California has a humanitarian crisis. We cannot be a third world country that has homeless refugees from uncontrolled fires displaced while needing government assistance. Go to facebook and find the page for United States Strategic Command. I'm posting a comprehensive and detailed analysis of why fire should be considered an enemy of America worthy of politicions allowing military assistance. $700+ Billion in the defense budget. If the military can be used on the border to prevent people from trespassing then some helicopters can be allocated to put out fires. Would you be interested in developing some prediction models from past fires and work out the specifics for wind, temperature, humidity, etc. I'm going to volunteer my services. It's about the people. This is very simple. Also, if you can use the data of past wildfires and show how spreading could have been taken care of. The resources of California for detection aren't sufficient and when someone notices a fire they have few people to send to fight the fire. Thermal imaging. Drones with sensors to detect smoke. Whatever can prevent this from affecting 20X more lives than the 5,000 of the two towers. If you want we can talk on the phone or facebook. Just let me know and I'll exchange contact information.

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    Why I got this error when use rest request node The rest request node requires the attribute definitionType

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