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  1. Zhue Lita14

    The audio worst :(

  2. gwen ngu

    i Love YuYan! Xi AI deserves to be center. She is such a good leader & performer. Hope Xi Ai will have more opportunities in future.

  3. Cam Lopez

    I really really wanted NINEONE to debut :c

  4. nya_ so

    Why Kun look so quiet?


    Thanks for promoting (g)i-dle

  6. Sumitra Adhikari

    Who is seeing comment to know if this drama is good 🙂🙂

  7. Rinielle 아리엘 Choi

    LISA 😘

  8. Glorilyn Montejo

    And i’m back here again. This was the very first episode of any vairiety show i watched because of Lisa and eventually love other mentors and trainees. Now, the show has ended and it felt like something is missing in my weekly routine without YWY😭😭😭

  9. Chayma Guerini

    1:43 She is so cute 😂

  10. Bella Nabella

    Liu yu xin fighting

  11. Sea Monster

    3:13 rip replay button

  12. Mira Jaeguchi

    If you put the audio of DDUx4 in a remix, it would be Non Daily Revelry and if you put the lyrics of DDUx4 within the audio of Non Daily Revelry, it would fit it. Sequences are similar, languange/lyrics are the difference

  13. Moopaa Maapoo

    Lisa 😻💕

  14. rarapriska yuniar

    Congratulation X QUEEN!!!!

  15. lib illeniah

    oh,,,i'm dying for Xin Liu's smile...

  16. Sea Monster

    4:17 my fav part

  17. Aubrey Tidoso

    The way the audience screamed during zhao xiaotang's part at 3:19 Slayyyyyy!!!!

  18. BLACKPINK thai princess lalisa

    O dang that hotpot feast looks soooo good

  19. Sea Monster

    5:20 izone

  20. Link Skyline

    Why is Esther wearing red? Is she the main vocalist?

  21. Keeny Kono

    Esthur yu is so cute she’s so good at acting

  22. Wachirapan Uthailiang

    I love Sharon Wang !!

  23. Jaceer Gomez

    Please insert english subtitles pls

  24. MoanaLfisiinaua fisiinaua

    Cant wait to watch this

  25. Emma D.Pierre

    Every time he open that fan it so hot and good looking 🙌🏾👌😁

  26. HtesFaye

    i think the "sherry girl its lit", "x queen make you crazy" and the hunan accent make this so iconic, the other versions can't hit quite the same way😂❤️💞

  27. qwerty 1

    Wow esthers part sort of brought the performance down for me..

  28. Heehee Hee

    Why tf is IZ*ONE here LMAOOO 💀💀💀 like I stan em but whats the connection??? I get that AKB48 is part of AKB48 China but okay ig

  29. Untame Impala

    Why is the audio quality so bad?

  30. Blink Here

    Whos that girl next to cai?

  31. K R

    Oh I am loving this. So beautiful. Swordplay, martial arts and Leo sooooo adorable. But why oh why can't they let Yukee be pretty?!! Dressed up like a boy! blech. She was so strong in Ashes of Love and they still let her be feminine, not certain why everything she does lately must make her look like a boy. So hard to watch Zou, not as her main love, they did such a beautiful job in Ashes of Love together and he is such a good actor. Hope they will give him a lead soon. It will be interesting seeing her Chemistry with Leo. Not seeing it yet but hopefully soon.

  32. Soraya Fitriyani

    So i wanna ask you guys, is this trainee will debut in the9 have a contract? And when will be?

  33. Simplepretty 2020

    Im here because of Hu Yitian,, love2x from Philippines 🇵🇭 😘😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤

  34. JisooTurtleRabbitKim

    I'm so glad K Lu made it, she definitely deserves to debut but I wish Jenny Zeng and Ling Zi did too 😭

  35. 鄭嘉凌

    Love you!☂️❤️☂️❤️☂️☂️☂️❤️

  36. Hirai Toga

    I hate fake wiz*one not knowing that izone is there because they are a former produce trainees please watch PD48 if you want to be a real wiz*one And to know what im actually saying😔

  37. Amel Kouki

    this team is better then the other team in turm of basics

  38. Michael

    I don't understand how time and time again this show has such large quality gaps between stages. It happened to one of the Ambush on All Sides groups and here too...

  39. I'm a Fan

    Iqiyi what happened??!

  40. Eliane VV


  41. cintya sevilla

    Oooooooo YA LA QUIERO VER

  42. Julia Williams

    I really liked this line up :((

  43. ETFbvbAA

    Kiki reminds me of a kitty aha

  44. Molly

    Such a shame that the english subs does not do the Chinese language justice. Chinese language is very beautiful and everything that is being said is more poetic in a sense than the words used to translate it.

  45. R0W4N _01

    What's wrong with their mics?

  46. tresyyunk

    4:34 YouZhangJing 😍💕

  47. kacyann236

    song lin from love designer is that you ?

  48. noey_ jkv_

    I like it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  49. yvel tozz

    they should've debuted this group... now only jin zihan and sun rui didn't make it TT and also should've debut the whole lion team and no company *sigh*

  50. tresyyunk

    NinePercent 💞

  51. Anna L

    He is a angel...

  52. roselena official

    It's my favourite song❤

  53. Me Me


  54. Andre Asian

    No matter what we will always support you! Esther don't listen to the hateful comments!

  55. florida aguada

    So glad to to see Yukee Chen,after Heavenly sword.😍

  56. ألمـيّث

    Lisa, I am really so Proud that she worked Hard for the girls, look how they are doing Perfect! I am not crying you are😀.

  57. 아시겠어요?

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아 너무 웃기네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ안무가 저게 뭐임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  58. gguk cut's

    i like this group so much

  59. CJ Navarro

    no one: frhanm: wears a "flower pot"

  60. whiteberry

    2:54 lmao Lingziu Liu can't look at Kun in the eyes, the power of Kun's charisma ㅋㅋㅋ

  61. ZL Lyrics

    Liu Yuxin is the embodiment of everyone’s dreams and hopes. Hope that everyone who works hard will get their reward. Hope that everyone who has the courage to fight to their death (a Chinese idiom) will get an answer. Hope that abilities win over resources. Those of us who wanted to see her win are thus hoping that these hopes will not be destroyed.

  62. HahaEmminemy

    Flora Dai has been consistent in all of her performances, especially the live finale stage. She deserves more recognition than the show gave her. Fighting!

  63. Tyla Mok

    Bro right after this videotape suggested video is Kun from his idol producer days and you can really see the difference

  64. Apple

    Women can be annoying.

  65. Catarina Ana

    Esther vocals are horrible, sorry not sorry

  66. Ruja

    Coming back to this <3 Shaking is reaaally a whole package

  67. Aurora

    重雪芝在某一集中说她和她哥哥从小一起长大, 他们的爹爹生前送过一匹白马宣纸给雪芝,另一匹叫墨水送给她哥哥。谁是她哥哥? 这个角色好像在这个电视剧中没有的, 查过演员阵容, 都没有这个人 。 不知道小说有没有。

    1. Aurora

      难道是宇文穆远 ??? 他是雪芝爹爹收的义子。。。

  68. gguk cut's

    wou babym

  69. 改不了吃狗屎


  70. Name's Lame

    I'm gonna miss this.

  71. Pamela Andrea Castillo Rodriguez

    Cuando suben mas capitulos

  72. Ochi Gom

    Imagine if IQIYI have official CNsel channel when Idol Producer aired, so the vi3ws will be so high

  73. tiramisu

    Y’all noticed that iqiyi took the time to translate the lyrics from Chinese to English for us???

  74. Panditita2r _gamerXD


  75. 杰克猫JACKZ

    kris和keyNG flow的切换 密集度 差太远了吧🌚

  76. iz*one's slave

    feeding myself with nineone content to cry after her being eliminated :((

  77. Mi Duk

    @0:05 MoTing feels in the Legends 😎

  78. Xueyi Tao


  79. 🧠

    Someone give these girls a hamburger.

  80. AWonderBoyProductions

    Now it's over, what happens? When do we see them perform as a group?

  81. Asa Velvet

    why does it say "purple lion" lmao

  82. yuuri5ify

    K Lu debuted!!! Well deserved so happy! :)

  83. gguk cut's

    Xinwen and Aria 😭😭

  84. JenPlaysGames2

    audio is so bad on this video

  85. Elaine Smith


  86. Kathy Erique

    Subtítulos en español plissss😭😭😭

  87. exo saranghae

    oh wait the girl is from ashes of love too right the demon princess ?? right? so they’re a couple here? anyone please thanks 🙏🏻❤️

  88. Aiqien

    Still watching this. Liu Xin was really a good center, she so amazing but not overshadowed others like I can remember everyone parts as they managed to balance this performance so beautifully. So clear and harmonious.

  89. Aleyra Schward

    I'm crying. So proud of you guys. Thanks a lot to PD Kun, Lisa, Ella, Jony J. You did your best. To all trainees, we'll always support you. Thanks for your hardwork. We knew how you could pass this. I love how you caring each other, being bestfriend, encourage them from the bottom of your heart. Your sweat, your tears, your smile, and happiness, it'll be memories between us. You deserve this love. Once again thanks a lot.

  90. gray ft


  91. mm kk

    ทำไมเพิ่งมาฟังตอนนี้ ไพเราะมาก ขอโทษนะที่มูฟออนจากเจิ้งเหยียนไม่ได้ เพิ่งไปเจอซับไทย คือแม่งเอ้ยเจ็บ

  92. what le hell (´ڡ`*)

    meddhi fu's gorgeous voice makes this perf

  93. Lindsey Relova

    Nineone sang A little bit and be defensive and she got teased by other trainees because she sang a little bit. 😂

  94. 清风画卿颜

    Love Chris Lee and All the Girls💗💗💗💗💗💗

  95. Valentina Micaela

    Lisa!!!! (♡ω♡ ) ~♪

  96. btsuniverserm

    We all know the only reason why Sharon wasn’t the center .... she was out numbered by the sisters

  97. gray ft

    👏👏🎊🎉Congrats XinLiu☺️❤️

  98. Alex Perez

    I still don't get how this got 3rd in the dance. I understand losing to PLAY, but not Bad Guy. At any rate, it placed 3 members of the Top 9, so yeah this group was bad ass.

  99. Sneha Parameswaran

    Jerry yan....his age is 43 still act as a student from high school.....MY WHOLE LIFE IS LIE....

  100. gray ft