Last winter’s #1 most-watched alternative series, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” returns for a second season. The series will feature a star-studded panel of judges, including executive producer Simon Cowell, global superstar Heidi Klum, “AGT’s” longest-running judge Howie Mandel and the newest addition - singer, songwriter and author Alesha Dixon, who joins “Champions” from the smash hit “Britain’s Got Talent.” Terry Crews, star of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and People magazine’s “Sexiest TV Host,” returns as host. “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” brings together the world’s most talented, memorable and all-around fan-favorite acts from past seasons of “AGT” and from the other “Got Talent” franchises around the globe.
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  1. Mark jacob

    Wow 😲

  2. Arjie Bulagao

    Fake so fake same action same saying same girl 💯% same to Simi final to finals, Simon Cowell what a fake AGT,,

  3. Bob Adamo

    such wonderful voices-thanks to all of you

  4. andi bongkay

    Yes i like

  5. Feyre Nevermore

    The only thing making me cry is Simon being a horrid liar.

  6. Ms D

    Callie is the truth! I love her voice!

  7. ggb saitama

    rythmind best

  8. lille nord

    Dans cette vidéo il y a une leçon à retenir c'est l'impatience humaine et la volonté de descendre un être sans avoir pris le temp de voir jusqu'au bout mes incroyable le changement du public comme si derient était mdr Fellicitation à l'artiste

  9. ASHISH 2k19

    Unbelievable beat 🥊 boxing

  10. Marlin L'enchanteur

    Ok, now do it without the stick. 😁

  11. Anubhav Dash

    You know what's magic? He made a almost perfect circle

  12. Carmen Merc

    She is too good to be in that show, she should be working making millions.And she will!

  13. NumberOneJake

    His voice was so annoying and he was only put through cause he is a kid! All he did was memorize his parents material


    Cooking show lol

  15. Гена Доронин

    Всех наебал секрет этого фокуса известен!

  16. Zed Alttabaa


  17. Nat Ski

    3:13 to magicians out there, why did he top change?

  18. Jalaya Bonilla

    I can't explain how upset I was when I found out he didn't win. This kid has the voice of an angel, he deserves that 1 million dollars.

  19. Vince Mann

    I will watch any video with this young man and I'll buy any music he puts out. He is amazing. Keep it coming, Simon and Team Kodi. You have millions of supporters who love Kodi.

  20. Roman Tyczny

    It was the same in 2017 in france got talent

  21. Ganesh Waichal

    I'm from.....INDIA

  22. NumberOneJake

    Song was too short and there wasn’t enough rapping, but it was still catchy

  23. G K

    Respect for the runner up team .... The way they reacted is sheer character !!

  24. s.a

    They are 10 and they have proper phones - wow

  25. Raksha Nirav

    Blackmon ey collected and looted by Congress party ke leades wanted chrichans votbanks. Thas why he doubt.

  26. Jula000 000

    Who sings these song?

  27. Darryl Gonzalez

    Eric Dittelman = The real deal! Great trick.

  28. Jennifer Seblin

    This is amazing ❤

  29. Celestine Biegman

    Oz perl loo what ?????????????????????????????????

  30. Benjamin Naseb

    Butler waters my eyes.

  31. Mark Frances Cruz


  32. Anastasia Knight

    2 0 2 0 ?

  33. Bhuvan Mishra

    Indian group you done it... hat's off

  34. kantharaj Rocky

    Bharat matha ki Jai 🇮🇳❤

  35. Judi Bryant

    Guess name should be changed from America’s Got Talent to World’s Got Talent. The newest winners were from India, not “America”.

  36. Елизавета Васильева

    Не знаю даже что сказать... Хотела почитать комментарии, а все на английском 😶

  37. Felix Blackwood

    Homer Simpson is going wild at how good Marcelito is at 2:14

  38. StrawberryTae ;3

    How do you manage to teach your self to have a voice crack in every word

    1. james thomas

      Ever hear of puberty even though at 16 her voice still has a few beautiful cracks

  39. Sherderr


  40. Obesh Gurung

    Love you guys.. Love from nepal

  41. Don Tabora


  42. Awakened sky

    🇮🇳 Indians are good people cursed under pagan religious beliefs. However, God is waking & working on them. Jesus Christ bless all Indians & he died for you all too. Remember that believe...

  43. Secret Message

    Thank you for representing us.😘

  44. Morten Oslo Norway

    More than 3000 chose to give a thumbs down. What are their standards?

    1. jeff goetz

      Just jealous Marcelito fans. Meaningless really.

  45. Ali king

    واللع شي ابيخ من البياخة مدري ليش مكيفين وعم يصفقو

  46. Jay Blanco

    Next time ave maria

  47. Jaheda Kharodia

    Ye mera india🇮🇳

  48. Abe90

    Anyone from India? Love from India. ;)

  49. TARGET with Abhishek

    Kahte hai hmko pyar se India wale.. Love u boys from our little channel team #TargetWithAbhishek

  50. Sam Sotelo

    Give me some on the come up fibed

  51. PH Traditional Volleyball

    He's not the winner but he has the most viewed video in AGT

  52. jennifer olivera

    Tyler is FANTASTIC! Dancing and playing a violin at the same time is difficult.. I wish he would of won...he is such an entertainer!

  53. Eddie Figaro

    this is fake lol

  54. limin 171

    buka brogol aja gw nga bisa

  55. Lauryn Alexis

    This gives me goosebumps to this day!

  56. Jumpi Rime so proud to be an Indian..really indian talent taking the world by storm...first the kings won world dance championship n now v unbeatable won AGT .....really god bless u all...keep shining.

  57. sanjay spartan

    This act questions my existence....

  58. subodh jadhav


  59. Janifer Alex

    What is background music title?

    1. Janifer Alex

      @intermenater no, the sound that she finished playing piano

    2. intermenater

      What "back ground" music? Do you mean the piano composition?

  60. jude erson dexiste

    Someone can give me the title of the music in background before the perform

  61. Brayden burris Burrus

    They took pity on them

  62. Gabrielle Bellizzi

    I can literally watch this over and over

  63. MR . medo-yt


  64. Zo Pirates 22

    2:16 song ??

  65. Macid Aktepe

    where's mb14 :(

  66. Batjingsuk Nongrum

    Wow😱😱 sooo his voice 😍🥰

  67. Ahmet Osmanca

    0:43 where hair

  68. Tiffany Satya

    Should add Marc Spelman after this

  69. Karthick D

    V unbeatable 😍😍😍💋💋💋

  70. aditya jagtap

    Good dance fan of your dance love from India -mumbai ♥️

  71. Mysteriously Scorpion

    4.1 k dislikes from where only Indians knows. Guess !!! HINT:- Name Starts from P & ends with N

  72. nidhin sankar

    Poli saanam

  73. OK Luv

    I do stupid I just released Sky’s from ravens home

  74. Jason Orteezyyy

    And yet, the Artistic girl who drew up that upside down drawing that looked super dope by the way got buzzed by all 4 judges before revealing what the painting looked like.. I don't get it

  75. ปฏิภาณ นานิล


  76. Rohan Royal Nag

    This little moments makes me so happy....😊😊😊


    Full cover: click this link. Not a click bait. Not a hoax to gain views or whatsoever. And this is for all Non-Filipino fans here who haven't watched it yet. This link leads you to a full cover of the prayer by Marcelito. Enjoy watching.

  78. Vikas Pawaria

    I am proud of u my fellow indians.

  79. UnitedRaccoon57

    What’s the color change he does when he does “here then there”

  80. Nikki Nikki

    Absolutely amazing talent!! 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Lendel Tiolo

    Excuse me guys can you get off the stage and let me dance for you.. You look like mosquito larvae up there.

  82. Ziko Pastoft

    When Simon is annoyed that he didn't press the golden button 😯😯😯😯

  83. Abarro Abarro


  84. Unicorn Sprinkles

    I literally can’t sing half as well as she can with my mouth open😔

  85. Seveng Seveng

    My favourite V Unbeatable team amazing super dance I'm Indian

  86. christian revesencio


  87. Seveng Seveng

    My V Unbeatable won

  88. Kelley Gentile

    "No sweet tea ANYWHERE!" I gotta meet this kid...


    It is a message to every parent , let the children decide who or what they would become.Never discourage them from doing what is interested to them. Just leave them to live their dreams. What ever has to come will all come on its way.Being poor or being a girl their parents never stopped them from dancing and never forced them to study , that is the result they have shown. LOVE TO THOSE PARENTS SPECIALLY THAT GIRL DANCER`S PARENT WHO KEPT FAITH ON HER PERFORMANCE AND NEVER LET HER SETTLE IN THE CONCRETE WALL OF SOCIAL STIGMA..

  90. bhavya das

    Pls always don't do this , saying India is a poor country

  91. Edgar Mejia

    This song just brings good vibes

  92. Mr.Tossakan 0990

    What name song please?

  93. Hiramya Wicks

    Well done India, you'll are absolutely terrific! Hope your lives will change for the better. Greetings from Sri Lanka!

  94. Marjoner Christian Buenafe

    simon chose a kid dance ... because simon just doesn't have the talent of all the judges ... got talent means pure talent we know that dance is a talent ... Well ... mainly dance copy happened .... they just copied the dance with the nae nae .....

  95. Carlos Vasconcelos

    Lindo alguém português

  96. Ines noussa

    Omggg beatnesse's basssss 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  97. Doyle Winchester

    I love her raspy voice its so adorable

  98. Raltegirl Loicy

    What songs name???