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  1. Tyler Orszulak

    Whos here in November 2019? What girl is this in the video? Help me out my Gs?!

  2. Thugga TV

    This vid sends a really strong message 🖤🖤

  3. NeeNee Wilson

    I love this

  4. Tarah Armstrong

    🙋🏽‍♀️Wait I thought he was a rapper🧐🧐

  5. chop god

    Who here watched this more once 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Carmigh Hardy

    Had me thinking Kennedy dead

  7. ツSwavii


  8. Derrick Graves

    You did the best

  9. Ana Gonzalez

    I feel this on a whole another level rn🙄💔 like if you don’t want me fuck out my face and stop wasting my time

  10. Nevaeh Woods

    Like if ddg would look nice w/ a nose piercing

  11. Jennifer E


  12. Rykala simmons

    man she was pregnant

  13. tyler fan


  14. paula ellis

    If u think ddg better than ynw melly Like to activate

  15. Jayden Isaiah

    I seen you go through it and make it out it’s all love lil bro do your thing 💯

  16. Jeremiah James

    Fire beat 🕺🏾🔥

  17. Gq Dempster


  18. Chris Wilson

    Every since I heard this song in New York I loved this song

  19. Brian Mwaura

    The message he’s telling in this vid is that you need to cherish every moment with your loved ones while their here on this earth. No time to have any negativity towards someone cause tomorrow is not promised. like if u agree

  20. Mikayla Young

    RIP she was pant

  21. dj diego joker

    Why did u kill her

  22. Simon Jimenez

    This dudes a corny douchebag lol

  23. 66lordez

    0:02 This nigga looking at my soul

  24. T B

    This man really buy views

  25. KØz Gaming

    Anyone notice she sent ddgs lyrics arguments after she got hit and she was typing I'm pregnant after?

  26. Darren Douglas Goulding

    Powerful song my g this hit my soul damn keep up the hard work man

  27. Tadiwa Gava

    Come to africa bruh

  28. Davidson Vasquez

    What is this nigga wearing

  29. Superduperwes _

    The fact tht he meant everything he said and she ova here acting 😭 , if I was her I will feel awkward ASF

  30. jayflem -

    This is an awesome song! Stay in this lane bro!

  31. Superduperwes _

    The hardest song this nigga dropped and Thts Ong !

  32. Tennille fischer

    I would've like the video if Kennedy wasn't in it. 🤧

  33. Eboni M

    16:45 still trying to recover ...like y wasn't I on that stage

  34. Yt-Da Williams

    Is Kennedy pregnant

  35. Amuse


  36. Summer Rose


  37. René Birowicz


  38. TrillTheProducer

    Hope the real video not like this cuz this look wack tbh like i was expecting a storyline with a girl in it

  39. JayCee Solo

    Hey bro tryna reach u on a business proposition. How can we chop it up? We are both about making money, my story could be profitable for u. I got 5k saved up

  40. Javontae Butler

    Wayyyyy better than the first

  41. Mia Pettis

    The message he tell in this vid


    November Viewers ..Gather here 4 me🎵🎵🎵

  43. GachaEdits & Daily Art With Bubble

    Why is nobody talking about her typing "I'm pregnant" at the end :/

  44. YrnNyati

    🤔You never could know at the end it might be the baby 🤷🏾‍♂️ idk I’m just talking I’m, Zooted ENT 🍃🌬💨 right now

  45. Ash And

    Hella auto tune😂🔥

  46. Michelle Brownlee

    This is realy good song he should make more songs like this😁😃📼

  47. Too Sauceyy

    1:10 he sound like @lil pump

  48. Lamonte Winfield

    that butt

  49. Tori Lifts

    The song sad.., but the video says different lol I’m confused.

    1. Spawn Demon

      She's dead.. Video is him remembering his time together with her when she was alive

  50. Nikita Zladsoskivich

    To the 8 people who disliked this, why?

  51. mats marck

    This guy can nearly do anything damn respect ddg

  52. Georg

    He look like a 14 yr old lesbian with that hairstyle, cant take him serious lol

    1. Vine Best

      Georg it has to do everything. There are 6 foot 4 black dudes with braids like that in the hood of Brooklyn New York, you wouldn’t dare say or think they a lesbian, you hating

    2. Georg

      Vine Best i meant the hairstyle, and what does color of my skin have to do with anything? 🤦‍♂️

    3. Vine Best

      With them muscles nah? You must be white because that haircut goes hard

  53. Mimi K

    DDG is so underated

  54. Blood money

    Damn I like this music ddg created make more music bruh .

  55. Invader

    Shit look ass

  56. Christopher Mcclellan

    Who here from November

  57. Sofia Dicristofaro

    The song, the music video 😍😍😍😍

  58. Aaron Butts


  59. Annette The Encourager

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  60. Aniya Means

    What’s with all the mini they fye tho 🔥

  61. Jay Mac


  62. zzzenix


  63. Hydia Johnson


  64. Bianca Alvarez

    I’m doing a giveaway to enter just comment on my recent video

  65. BlueGodest _

    This go hard I swear 😂🔥💕

  66. Asha Chung

    Love u guys 😍

  67. aPickleRektYou

    I found out about DDG after people said B Lou was better than him

  68. Tmt James

    His songs should more faster paste

  69. Jessica Scott


  70. malasia ak slay kay

    This my only song I like form you this hard I love it keep up work I still fuk with Kennedy lol

  71. BDizzLe

    This one's alrightight

  72. BDizzLe

    Who's here Before this song hits 2million.! Caus it's gonna surpass that I'd say 8milliin first month but his aulbum streams srenuo man for DEzbUT one year in he's richer n better and has own record labelmat 22 dotn forget that

  73. I REACT

    Beat go crazy

  74. Noah Green


  75. Spencer Crane

    Anyone know how to get this on spotify

  76. Tadeo Montana

    Everyone strolling thur the comments I hope you become rich one day 💛 I’m a small CNselr and would love support

  77. youngnudy Qt. drinks are good


  78. Wild Bollard

    Iam on your bitch Instagram doubletappin

  79. god sosa

    It’s DDG 🔥😤

  80. Darius Davis


  81. Matt -

    DDG, have you paid the money that you owe Destroying yet? Nobody likes a liar or a thief.

  82. L.J.S. vLoGs

    You guys should go sub to my channel

  83. Brackyn Morgan


  84. Alexis Samarra

    I wonder whos grave he putting flowers at tho😭 they prolly like uhhhhh who are you??👀😭

  85. JKjamie._.jermiahJK Henderson

    I know ddg stand for diss devil god

  86. Dark Intensity

    Your tradh

  87. Scabby_Cat

    this is creepy im calling chris handson and the polics ;-;

  88. BDizzLe

    Dude has millions in the bank

  89. BDizzLe

    Not about MONEY SEX CARS, DRUGS PUSSY he speaking really life problems n shit no meidocre foreal DDG just made his own Label and signed already his first artist lmao frfr

  90. BDizzLe


  91. BDizzLe

    I don't understand how this even has 2.1k dislikes but everyone always gonna hate no matter wat nobody is never satisfied 💯 💪 keep goin strong bro after this take a break and let ur aulbum numbers climb and make music videos and u can easily make all them music videos hit a million easy ...

  92. Rise and Shine

    🔥Underrated legend🔥

  93. Dre Dreams

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥💥

  94. Akeem Laver

    dis song is one of the best much in the world bro just go do it you are you DDG your video is so cool 💯 no joke bro

  95. Heidi Wilson

    Is that what you say to your phone today?

  96. chopchop theboss

    I don't listen to ddg but he beast he makes good music I like this song straight fact. I been listening to since came out. my guy talented asf. he a CNselr plus music. in all reality I think his the best CNselr that does music. my opinion if on negative shx don't reply

  97. Dorsaida Swift

    These Tears Tho 😭😩💔

  98. Da Savage


  99. Rush Remedy919

    Bro this shit 🔥🔥🔥. You gave me epiphany on one of my vids I will redo also. Need to link. If not just thanks for new found motivation. Honestly. 🤟🏽🤴🏾💯‼️You definitely need a label.