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  1. Jazlyn Tatiana Mae

    “um we rock paper scissored for it”

  2. The April & Charlie Show

    I wonder if Ethan still feels this way 10:24

  3. Stephanie M3za

    So are they never gonna get a girlfriend

  4. Gwen Neblett

    the dolan/sisters

  5. Indiana Smith

    why did Grayson look like he was going to cry in the beginning?

  6. Emma Tyson

    lol ethans in distress

  7. SuperKiki156

    Thanks for the information! This looks interesting, has anyone tried this?

  8. Sarah Cantelon

    They’re so innocent. I love these two so much. 💜💜💜

  9. unidentified

    isnt ethan left handed or is he ambidextrous

  10. haya moursi

    Hears "Seatgeek" My brain: David dobrik: "whatsupguystoday'svideoissponceredbyanamazingappcalledSeatgeek"

  11. Cookie Kat

    This man need some MILK

  12. Rose

    That fact that most of the people here didn't know what mesophonia was before this video literally makes me want to cry lol. Mesophonia is really frustrating because (not to sound rude) if you don't have it you can't possibly understand what it's like. It also doesn't have a cure and it only gets worse over time and it quickly becomes isolating.

  13. Meyah Garrett

    This looks so dope!!🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for the next video😂

  14. Jorge Rey

    Hydro flask

  15. Gaming With Rehab

    Emma does a cartwheel and a back flip while I cant even do a cartwheel

  16. Tammy Hansen

    You 2 plan on living in this... Together? O... K... Get through your intro first then we'll see... Lol

  17. Nicole Kennetz

    Can I join you guys I'll bring my own blanket and sleep on the roof

  18. Gert VB

    My dad made my Google account and I'm called gert my sister calls me chuckly bum

  19. ariana pantiere

    yall should come though Kentucky

  20. Hannah Banana

    Whoa, imagine having enough money to be able to live this sort of life 😍 I hope one day my life will be like this im 15 but running my own little business which doesn't make me much money, because i have a dream of going to equine college next year. Im not good enough to go yet, since i cant pay for the lessons i need and i can only go once a week, and i have until February to be at the right standard 😭😭 It would have been easy for most people, but having been in poverty to the age of 9, suffering 5 years of traumatic domestic abuse and being homeless twice, as well as being physically bullied to the point of suicidal thoughts, and my dad leaving me age 5, its not been easy. This dream is very recent which makes it even harder since the time i have is limited 😭 im in a better place now mentally but, god i need a miracle to get this placement 💙

  21. Jaydah Smith

    Anyone else see Ethans face when Gray said "it fits right in" 😂😂😂

  22. CandiB D

    Ummm... Sweeties, Luigi & Mario.. I'm not Italian buuutt isn't that "macaroni" "rotini"??? Someone educate me plz. I'm a bit confused #rawisalwaysbetter #butdangerous #yadontwannachoke 😉

  23. The Shining

    Ethan and this girl are dating now

  24. Edgar Acosta

    Fuck the police

  25. Nija Ni

    lol i love that the twins didn't complain not once!! 💗

  26. Joretah Muller

    Grayson :kisses Ethans hand Ethan :no man! Grayson :sorry bro, i just felt the love😂😂😂

  27. Joretah Muller

    Grayson :sorry mom i didn't curse😂😂

  28. Jerry Maynard

    omg i love you guys shout me out bro let’s be chilling dog

  29. Littleface

    For people that are disgusted, it’s not puke it’s spit up. Just helpin out people with vomit phobias lmao 👍

  30. Xo Mood

    Anyone else notice that creepy doll at 8:01 just sitting on Ethans nightstand 😂

  31. Nija Ni

    aw they look so older now with facial hair

  32. Michelle Mwaura

    The slideshow at the end made me cry😭 I love seen them genuinely happy it make me smile😁😁😁😁

  33. Roger Thurtell

    What happened to the hats

  34. Vicky .9x

    Keeping up with the dolans...

  35. Ryan Thomas

    Such an inaccurate video. Since when are students this cute and sexy?

  36. Isaiah Osborne

    And honestly that last picture of you guys should be the new profile pic. Like so they can see it!!!

  37. Willma Bäckström

    So cool omg, well done

  38. jodi louise

    It's a shame Jeffree got lazer hair removal, I would've LIVED for him doing #movember

  39. Olivia Ford

    Why is Grayson like 100x hotter in this video

  40. g

    the fact that I understood everything Grayson was saying cause I always help my dad remodel the house 😂

  41. ‡ʍօօղ ӀíցհԵ‡

    Everyone: 2019 anyone? Me: nope 2099

  42. II AlexTube TV II

    16:28 lol

  43. Isaiah Osborne

    I like how the camera crew is involved. It is almost like a bonding experience between them all. So great to see them all together having fun

  44. adel linheart

    19:33 i felt that

  45. The Dalgs Do

    Pretty cool tho

  46. The Dalgs Do

    Right what about bowls and plates and cutlery and how do u wash ??

  47. NewLife51

    Why does anyone have to move to California to make videos from their own home?

  48. Millie Buglass

    Sister squad

  49. Mandi Snell

    They should also do a mail time segment after they get back (or on the road)!!! Love you Ethan and Grayson!!

  50. A cool Dude

    does anybody know what kind of film cameras they used?

  51. Harris Jahangir


  52. rosalynn moran

    Ok I’m not psychic not that I think I am I was looking through your videos and saw this one. How did I miss this? but I think you to need to watch your video over again and look where your at now...... I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now! You did A video with Shane and coming out about you guys stop doing weekly uploads and you guys did mention Australia and now doing a series. Talking about goose bumps...

  53. raj

    Y i feel respect towards this lady ..... indeed she lacks behind than normal persons but she mastered her all senses to such extent

  54. Amber Auger

    5:25 😂😂😂

  55. Nicole Chumley

    its gonna be terrible to do things when your in da mood or bring a girl there...

  56. Meganlol 2009

    normal to looking like *"COOL"*

  57. mikado studio


  58. dandy weasle

    Yooo put on 1.75x at 0:08 you will thank me u guys

  59. Crystal Garcia

    GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!!!! 🤧 Y'all are fancy as FOOK 😝😝😝😝 keep doing sick videos that shows you guys bein studs!!!!!!!

  60. igot7gucci

    Omggggggg I'm gonna die

  61. Luca-blog888 Luz

    im Grayson

  62. Andrew

    Watch out for Bigfoot and listen to Sasquatch podcasts

  63. Dani Valdez

    So proud of you guys! Love seeing the real and genuine you! This video was done with such excellence and I can tell you guys poured out your heart and soul!

  64. maja andreasson

    21:48 dude.. that laugh.. sounded just like me.. right before.. i'm scared.. i'm crying u guys thx i'm sick actually period cramps i cried before (ya girls feel me) so thx for making me laugh omfg 🤣🤣😭😭

  65. Roni Gelleri

    Awww I love tiny homes too and I thought I was the only one

  66. Irma Olofsson

    Part two, I mean wtf🙄

  67. Cookie Crusher

    And now ending the twins adorableness and innocence.

  68. barbecue sauce on my titties

    I die every time he slaps Ethan with the tortilla.

  69. holly h

    ‘i only have 107 texts’ I don’t think I’ve got that many texts in my whole life

  70. EliteX_

    0:18 I thought he said ‘do feel each other’s peens ‘ meaning dicks lol

  71. Laure

    I might as well make it cool though *proceeds do to everything just more violently* *messes up* 🤣

  72. Rachael Kopp

    Stain those walls. They remind me of and look like white cinder blocks.....basically a jail cell! All you need is a deck of cards and orange jumpsuits at that table!

  73. Robin Black

    ok get to the meat and gibblets and cut out the dumb arguing.

  74. Natuk

    They're both so great, I love you. Molly kill me.

  75. M.F

    oops I'm crying again


    "No we can't say a body, we're two guys in a van" omggg 😂😂

  77. Ruthiel Roño


  78. Jessica Wild

    Stefan and Damon be like

  79. hrl.d

    I love Ethan's jawline 😭😭😭😭💘

  80. Maria Radovic

    04:40 HE THICCC😂

  81. vi zeath

    They look like 25 years old despite being 19

  82. Reese Williams

    mack more of these videos plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  83. TavPlays - Gameplays

    grayson: i’m nervous ethan: *okay*

  84. Falisha Morningstar

    I feel very uncomfortable now, knowing that Noah is 14 am do have had a crush on him for 8 months..........

  85. Finley Irwin

    December 2019?

  86. Nuthta Ranee

    When r u guys going to to travel

  87. Salma Essid

    2:29 you're welcome

  88. fakeacake

    Why is ethan so flipping chill I-

  89. Shweta Yuvathika

    Plot twist: he accidently took the real play button and broke it 😦

  90. Shweta Yuvathika

    6:30 this is what you came for

  91. Fernanda g

    Grayson is all the lab rats in one. Smarter, faster, stronger.

  92. Children Account

    When Ethan was going to sleep outside in the sky that was like a green orb

  93. Ayumi Schuster

    @ 3:43 does no one else hear knocking?????????????????????

  94. Falisha Morningstar

    Ok but why are the mini twins smarter than the actual twins

  95. Eliza O'Brien

    Ummmmm uou know uour not supposed to eat vegemite like that. Lol, thats probably why it tasted horrible. No hate love u guys💜

  96. LifewithMel

    Fun fact: No one cares what time/month your watching :)

  97. Colm Shannon

    i love ❤️ grayson and ethan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    grayson: *is claustrophobic* also grayson: *wants to live in a tiny house that could barely fit him inside*

  99. Bishop’s Open Diary

    I was going to wait till the whole series was out but I couldn't wait any longer. and the SeatGeek promo omg are y'all coming for David Dobrik's promo brand now😂

  100. Gabsy_

    I have never felt more poor in my life