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  1. Big Blue Squad

    The real reason we won this game. Without him performing well, we will never win.

  2. TheRegularGamer

    When ur 5 minutes early

  3. Manny Avalos

    The Refs fcked it up for the Bears on some plays

  4. Magiclinc

    I was at this game and Mixon was starting to get annoying

  5. KEGFamily YT

    Patriots cheating again at 5:37

  6. Yo Yo

    Still better than that fat slob zeke

  7. William Welter

    It's sad you can see what he can do with a clean pocket. Too bad that was the first one he ever had. His failure is on Light's head for not building the line. Bye Jameis

  8. Aisha Iqbal

    Who else thought that was shakira

  9. Manny Ramos

    Next to Lawrence Taylor Eli is the best Giant ever

  10. Churchill Family

    I heard more hawk fans then panther fans

  11. Dragor88

    Piping in the same cheer track that got used for all the AAF games that got televised.

  12. Ian M

    Get Mitch an offensive line!

  13. In Sauce We Trust!

    “Great Technology on the Gloves these Days!”

  14. BootsieNemo

    Not pretty but still a “W”

  15. epa316

    So I guess we're not getting a blowout W this year, are we??

  16. Danny Naranjo

    That’s sick but I don’t remember asking

  17. Caleb Davis

    I felt like I just watched the superbowl! now only if it could be this entertaining! wow 2 great teams did there thing! HELL OF A GAME!

  18. Meme Central

    I really hope Barkley’s talent doesn’t get wasted in the Giants with their trash o line, with that line he is bound to get injured again, and really doesn’t deserve that.

  19. John Chad

    can they ever give a lions quarterback some protection?

  20. SoccerCraZze FL

    Who thinks Eli Manning shouldent retire

  21. David James

    Yay, now we will lose a draft pick.

  22. GetFuckedUTube1

    The SeaHawks Defense is terrible.

  23. Klēfer

    Why he lateral with that amount of time and a timeout?

  24. A

    Eli Manning *highlights* Can’t believe I’m seeing this

  25. A.T X

    Gilmore or minkah for DPOY

  26. Christopher Yoon Kim

    Patriots offense is trash. 🚮🗑🚮 First Round playoff exit unless the NFL intervenes.

  27. idobackflipz

    2nd best team in the NFC west .

  28. Dalton Bolser

    Welp time to see what Finley can do lol....also Dalton better never ever question why he got benched for 3 games, they had a close game but as always Bungles will Bungle and Dalton will self destruct....just give us damn Burrow already lol

  29. Jonathan K

    Beat ya

  30. Giants Pride

    Saquon just plays better with Eli than Daniel. :/

  31. Sam Co

    Saquon watched the Ronnie Barnes pieces on NFL Films and got inspired to ball out this game😂😂😂

  32. RIP Fat E Eway Gang

    The closed caption said "fatty dinner bowl for the touchdown "😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  33. Nathan Spratley

    Looks like he’s getting healthier. Wish him the best 🙏

  34. Jonathan K


  35. darknight307 Pagán

    *Jameis throws an interception on first drive* Jamies: *Mission accomplished* *throws 458 yards 4 td*

  36. TheRoguesource

    Still a top three running back. You could tell that the injury was tough for him.

  37. Mango Masher

    This would be impressive, if it weren’t the bengals

  38. A Fucking Bird

    Excellent way to bounce back! Let's keep this going! GoHawks!

  39. Reese Ross

    I hate it when a team can't get one yard for a first down that's unbelievable u can't get one yard I'd be upset.

  40. TheRoboGames

    Yeah but they didn’t... so is this title user to show that the bears almost won another game, and not that they LOST another game? Besides the patriots, Chicago’s one of the most bandwagon teams by the NFL themselves

  41. Tyler Durden

    Rigged game.

  42. MortalFighter

    David Blough had a bad game to say. 3 interceptions in a row damn

  43. Mouho bernard

    You can't spell Winston without Win

  44. Darius G

    When Lamar torched this Cincinnati team y’all said: “It was just the Bengals” Tom Brady at the half vs those same Bengals: 10/21 for 95 yards.

  45. Cuddles YouTube

    Saquon... come to chicago’

  46. Jonathan Muldrow

    Panthers have had SB hangovers even 1-15 & 2-14 season, but the past two epic collapse seasons have been the most embarassing as a fan.

  47. Joshua Ripper

    You just got to ask yourself why in the world is the league full of black people, and it seems the only people making plays are white, I mean they're making plays on teams with black QBs maybe that's it, maybe with the majority bein black in the NFL they can actually control the outcome of games with their own personal play. A drop here drop there will not be noticed. I think I understand why white majority teams are making it to the Superbowl recently. And why Belichick keeps a white majority team. The NFL is corrupt...

  48. DarkLordDiablos

    Time index 08:08 call for Unnecessary Roughness? Seriously? He barely touched him. Not to mention he's wearing pads.

  49. Nice Profile

    Pats are starting their own streaming service. It's just their next opponent's sideline.

  50. jeremy hunt

    For the fans of Carolina, thank god we got Clemson

  51. Bob Schnittlauch


  52. The Flame Haze

    Dallas stop! Your supposed to be tanking to get Garret fired! Not winning!

  53. Juan Cortez

    Greg ward is from my hometown Tyler Tx and my high school glad he’s getting his shine in the NFL!

  54. Joey Jamison

    New week, same old story: They played well, but...

  55. Jordan Bledsoe

    I've watched over a hundred nfl full games since May. Most these bandwagon ne fans from near cin at pbs today are garbage strait bandwagon mfs with low football knowledge

  56. NominalDegree76

    Long overdue.....we gotta get him outta New York

    1. Jayruu

      NominalDegree76 I just think the giants need better people in charge

  57. Jose Alba

    If. Cowboys. And. Raiders. Make. It. To. Playoffs. 2020. I doubt. It. They. Will. Lose. Big. Time. Ha. Ha. Ha. Patriots. Nation. Stephen. A. Smith. For. President.

  58. Theo Lee

    Mahomes this guys amazeing trowing the ball in the snow like that 👍🤓

  59. JUICY_Diamond


  60. Uber lucario

    man do i love snow games

  61. HeezyBTW

    Bruh the giants are really underrated this just isn’t their year ...

    1. A

      HeezyBTW hold up u just said they’re underrated I’m out bruh

  62. Khasan F Fazilov

    28-7 half time lol

  63. eoe123321

    Damn it looked like practice at the end lol

  64. Ursula Harrell

    Come on Denver

  65. Todd_Gilliland

    When jameis Winston is on form he is UNSTOPPABLE

  66. Seattle Seahawks

    What a beast. 💪

  67. MoneySignGaming


  68. Marcus McLemore


  69. Lance Cowan

    The better team doesnt always win!

  70. James Buckey

    It's like the Pats knew where Dalton was going

  71. Mondoeray Moore

    🐻 are so 🗑 TRASH!

  72. mkkravist11

    This win papers over the cracks. Brady looks like a pedestrian, the team beat a very poor Bengals side and I doubt they even convinced themselves that was a good win. If the Pats don’t have a replacement QB lined up soon, that would be crazy.

  73. M R

    Winston is elite gonna end the season with over 5000 yards

  74. Darkz IKoNiK

    Saquon is the man

  75. Calvin Roach

    Chiefs have no chance of beating the Ravens again. Too many field goals.

  76. Aero FPV

    Barkley is a different player when Eli is behind the snap.

  77. Lon3 W0lf

    I would have Wentz have vasiline on the ball at practice and if he loses it he runs. He needs to learn how to hold on to it somehow. He has 44 FUMBLES that is insane considering his games played.

  78. Ryan Kos

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Wilson scrambling like scrambled eggs

  79. Seattle Seahawks

    Bringing home another W for the 12s! 🙌

  80. RW3ints

    This guy is definition of autism. When he's on he's on but when he's off, damn he sucks.

  81. Andrew

    awful video, didn’t even show one titans offensive play

  82. Najee Watson

    Andy dalton is a good friend making sure joe burrow get drafted #1 overall 💯class act

  83. Para Dice

    The seahawks can never blow out anyone.

  84. Justin Long

    But Max I thought the team only plays for Foles though yet he has no recievers, or his top running back, and no Lane Johnson yet they put 37 pts on the road with do or die on the line Lol!!

  85. Caleb Luhnow

    Go Kelce Go Kelce

  86. Magnitic 5

    Both offences suck d is good for both teams

  87. Seattle Seahawks


  88. Fiona Wang

    When your defense has more receptions then your top receiver...

  89. Robby Stizza

    All the dislikes are Bengals fans

  90. Daniel Puerto

    Best thing that happened to the Eagles was losing nelson agholor and alshon jeffery, they need to go Fly Eagles Fly

  91. Wathnak O

    Alright whoever picked Seahawks 4-12 or 8-8 this season, they can enjoy their picked now.. Go Hawks.!

  92. smart shooterx

    👍 let's go cowboys

  93. maybach music group

    Witten 🐐

  94. Jake Wilson

    Let's go Texans!!! I ❤ Houston!!! Deshaun Watson had a good day against the tennessee titans!!! He'd prevailed in the music city!!! I ❤ #4 Deshaun Watson!!! He's the next Michael Vick and Cam Newton!!! Let's go Houston!!!

  95. Amazing Guy

    I knew Slayton would break out since June!

  96. Mike Larry

    Who else saw the filmed bengals tape everybody talking about and realized spy gate was bullshit all this time ?

  97. Cody Jefferson

    I hate being a Lions fan right now

  98. Jai McCants

    NFL and nba cracking down on defense for higher scoring games and more views anyone else notice this or am I trip??


    Seahawks fye dis year no cap 🙏🏿‼️‼️

  100. Go Steelers

    Respect to the Black Hole