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  1. prathi sahrudh

    Wow no actually gameplay is shown very cool

  2. ChN 1

    Oh i can feel the queen nai sig spam from here

  3. Milyziom UwU

    I Wonder how it will feel like to play it on ipad


    great, this toxic community is getting bigger and bigger

  5. I am legally allowed to say the N-word

    I already have this game on my ps4 -Bruh-

  6. SwaRRo RoaR

    good to play on go m happy BUT PC master race forever😂😂



  8. Glass is just hot sand

    That's unhealthy

  9. Kadel V

    I am seriously suprised that it took ubisoft this long to release Brawlhalla on mobile. Brawlhalla was made for mobile imo. And if done right, this is going to be a treat to play.

  10. Vice Point

    I thought you were going to show some gameplay or controls and not you playing it.

  11. Minka

    This game is dead

  12. aerox _

    Can't wait for the people who will say: I'm a gamer because I play on mobile

  13. Crows Nest Gamer

    Will it have Controller Support? Via cable and/or Bluetooth? Specifically PS4 and Xbox Controllers?

  14. Ender G

    Yeah mordex can now bully me on my phone

  15. Elia Dietz01

    Only for NA? 😪😪😪😓😢😭😨😰😱

  16. Omkar Todkar


  17. xso death

    Awww man.

  18. Tachanka


  19. sebastian ayala

    Idk how I feel about this

  20. Blood XVIII

    Better add local and online multiplayer the moment you drop the app cause that’s what makes this game super fun me and my cousins were playing this weekend and it’s super fun

  21. Seb_KF -_-


  22. Jojo K


  23. Charles Smith

    bruh i’m already excited

    1. JohnLAwesome

      Go play smash brothers on nintendo switch

    2. [4GOD] iBasicallyDoBO4

      Glass is just hot sand u liked ur own comment

    3. Glass is just hot sand

      @[4GOD] iBasicallyDoBO4 stop

    4. [4GOD] iBasicallyDoBO4

      Charles Smith Arthur be like HAHAHA! FOUND YA LENNY

  24. Victor Rosas

    First like

    1. Film Terbaik


    2. ThisIsHowYou YouTube

      Victor Rosas yeah first like on your own comment

    3. Youness Laatri

      no one cares

  25. Victor Rosas

    First comment

    1. ThisIsHowYou YouTube

      Victor Rosas not really....

    2. Youness Laatri


  26. Martin Niwa

    omg I love this game!

  27. mr sticky

    it's funny how they said they weren't adding any new guns. then they add a one shot weapon with a sight better then an acog that can penetrate a bunch of walls, oh and its underbarrel can go through reinforced walls. I think they've been drinking too much wine over there at r6. this is obviously aimed at bringing in New people not satisfying their existing fans.

  28. Dr. Starbuck Capt. Galactic Federation

    For the help that never came when he hung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where were YOU Apostles? Disciples? The women stayed all night without rest

  29. Leonidas

    One of the worst games I have ever seen. Just copy Forza Horizon if you wanna be successful.

  30. Escher MODER

    Literally only 5 new cars, and none of the glitches have been fixed

  31. Jessica Strike

    Please cover the rest of the AC games like this!

  32. Born2 Play

    When you buy alexa in greece be like

  33. sarunghakan feng

    2500 years and a few questions? Ubisoft needs to really tell her tale of how her modern life goes lol

  34. Balaku Kamia

    Damn, they missed their chance to make a Samoan or other Pacific Islander Operater.

  35. Jay the friendly crusader

    *close corridor area where it would be hard to carry a long rifle* Kali: Oh yeah, its sniper time.

  36. Dr. Afzal Hossain

    Watchdogs i's always favourite to me

  37. Austen Harvey

    We need a defender that can radiate the area around him with the press of a button without being touched

  38. MR MBF

    Now if we can get Unity and Syndicate on there that would be great, I know they get a lot of hate but I personally really enjoy them. Hell put every A. C game on there.

  39. Allmighty Bigfacee

    I hope this game delivers cause 2019 has been rather disappointing to me for games. They either were all hype or didn't fully execute.


    I have many friends left the game and I am still trying to stick to the game and not leave it hope the work of Dark Zone large and also think about the status of Hunter in missions and also the task of survival

  41. mahesh parmal

    Poor viedo

  42. mahesh parmal

    New game

  43. Clement DIEBOLT

    when the agent will be out in asia?


    Hi, I am a player from 4 years ago and I have a novel to improve the game division 2 to be the best game like what most people expected. First, you must cancel the vision property of my gear such as Public Exactly like division 1 and my gear is kept secret and not public and does not appreciate the player to see me and here starts each player in the ability to creativity in my gear Please reconsider that addition Because it is not really a useful addition, it is harmful to the player and not useful to him .

  45. Archercraft Gaming

    How about the date?


    Missirable focking face!

  47. Furyian Prime

    Can you please fuckin stop them from being able to guard break you while your doing a side Dodge attack. Like the new character or kensei or Orochi etc........I'm fuckin tired of rage quiting

  48. Rafael Queiroga

    Crossplay pls

  49. D1yt

    glaz 0.5 and jäger 1.25

  50. The Guiido

    This is where legends were made.

  51. Danny Idaho

    Now this game needs more factions like: Scots, Nomads, Cossacks, Singhs, Russes, Saracens

    1. Danny Idaho

      Matthew H btch

    2. Matthew H

      Keep dreaming

  52. Akzork

    The music is stuck in my head forever

  53. Badeend

    I like the game but its pretty dead imo

  54. all in one

    Please sir android version game launch

  55. Bob Bob

    When will the characters release?

  56. Akito-Kun

    This is what the boys locker room looks

  57. Jason Seraph

    My God !!!!! Epic... ❤❤❤❤❤

  58. YungBoi Kam

    wamai is super underwhelming

  59. Jonatan Skar

    Just give warden p90 already

  60. SaRKeS - Channel

    beautiful woman with painted nails. Shame

  61. Afro Pharaoh's Medjays

    Cab we Get New Operationers with a Rocket pls Mini Rock

  62. IamKaspian

    idc im really excited to mess around with this

  63. Entropy Anonymous

    Amaru is 6’11 in her lore...

  64. Masahiro Sakurai


  65. The Great Zane

    0:18 That Flute Trill tho

  66. Seth Kosal

    2 new versions of 2 operators

  67. akash game x

    Nice games

  68. JEZZE4322

    I need a siege movie now

  69. myth viewers

    Boi russianbadger

  70. Jonas

    me:opens full screen Video: Ends

  71. nhan alpha

    Ok let's see what she has, A 1 shot bolt action sniper, a fully auto secondary, a gadget that allows her to destroy gadgets through reinforce wall...

  72. angyboi98

    tip #1: use mouse and key

  73. T!M

    This game sucks more and nore after every update the new Charakters are spam master its a nightmare The berserk is ugly but the new sucks they kill the last peace of "honor" in this game without storm mode u cant play an other mode but even there they always come with 4 (most of the time 2 new char and then u fuckt 100%) its like they have only unblockable attacks And the hammerbitch its like the orpressor mk2 in gta 1 Whoever made the Charakter or have the idea with this "combos" U do ur job wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Adonis Andreev

    C'mon realise the game

  75. CappiBlancness

    Will I need internet for this shot like Brsakpoint?

  76. That Video Editor Guy

    Man I can't wait to get banned for teamkilling because of that magnet

  77. BruceBloot

    i wanan be a talkin shark

  78. LBerryPopper48

    80% of comments: "Am I a joke to you?" (How original) 15% of comments: Nerf Kali 5% of comments: Other

  79. TurboJake

    “Kali...” “Strange things...” Are we getting a stranger things crossover?

  80. Victor Miguel Enrique Esconde

    Warden!? :,D

  81. beeflit supremo

    If pele was a r6s operator

  82. beeflit supremo

    "Fookin laser sights"

  83. Aaron F

    Dokkaebi Thicc that's the only reason we're here

  84. Fire Qc

    When they come

  85. Jakap _Chr

    Wait a second why does this just pop up when the Shifting Tides release (I haven't seen this video yet untill now)

  86. Jordan vargas

    We need a show, starring a brother sister duo, with these two in a modern world

  87. medic boi

    caint wait t

  88. Fanactic drip

    So she is a glaz and thatcher

  89. Nookular Bomb

    So we have Jesus Sniper Christ and Magnet Moron

  90. Dreacohm

    Is it still online only? Then no-fucking thank you.

  91. JC Denton

    Finally a bolt action sniper.

  92. Arklaw

    I know which one Jackal Wolfenheart will prefer.

  93. BenPotter


  94. Agnostic Trans Woman

    Where is the oldest civilization in the world ( Assassin's Creed Mesopotamia)?!

  95. Agnostic Trans Woman

    Where is the oldest civilization in the world ( Assassin's Creed Mesopotamia)?!

  96. Agnostic Trans Woman

    Where is the oldest civilization in the world ( Assassin's Creed Mesopotamia)?!

  97. The autist

    Am I the only one is thinking that or is dokaebis outfit sexy

  98. Xx_LödedDiper_xX

    "prepare to meet kali, in hell."

  99. Kevin McClease

    I feel power creep

  100. Alex Bowman

    Im definitely getting this