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  1. bad player

    1:06 me dodging my responsibilities

  2. Jesse Mondragon

    Why am I crying 😢

  3. Sydiyo

    Florida ain’t got no winter here

  4. Sarah Double-You

    Are we going to see a Taylor Swift Christmas Album?? A girl can dream!!! <3

  5. siri sinclear

    3 million views 360k like 3.6k dislike in 15 hours after released Christmas 3 farm

  6. or-cr

    I love that❤️❤️😍

  7. aly carymy

    You're perfect taylor..

  8. Anthony Gonzalez


  9. Light

    omg 🖤

  10. óleos y ramas

    2:20 "Aquí, re casual con Taylor Swift"

  11. Rperezperez03

    Hi everyone Come to my channel and watch the fascinating football videos.

  12. Michelle Chung

    Another song with blue 💙 And thumbs up to the parents!!

  13. sunitha bisnath

    I see tons of LOVE in this video

  14. Lilac Lilac


  15. Sampurna Mondal

    Crying happy tears🙂

  16. november caramel

    ANYONE NOTICED THE "YOU-UH-UU"? Just like the "ME-EH-EE" in ME!.. Theory: This song is for Joe, she tells him, "I promise that I'll never find another like YOU!"

  17. Maria Alvarez

    OMG this is so precious!!!! This is amazing 😉 I love it 😻. Little Taylor is the cutest thing ever I love her so much!!!!

  18. dogface911em gmail

    Great song for the holidays, Merry Christmas Taylor Swift

  19. Lilac Lilac


    Such an awesome idea to use home videos of Christmas growing up. I know TN is her home now, but it’s nice to see her roots are still in Berks County, PA. Beautifully done and what a way to get us remembering our childhood too! Merry Christmas!

  21. Ericka Juarez

    Me encanta

  22. Gracie Buckner

    This song lowkey made me cry💖😭

  23. Sina Shamsi

    You are amazing taylor

  24. Raul Sandoval

    Best Christmas song ever!!

  25. AnastasiaKek

    Боже, как это мило и душевно 😊

  26. BF NP

    La mejor

  27. XYZ

    TAYLOR <3

  28. Melanie Jean

    Still waiting for a Taylor & Selena collab

  29. Abhisuta Chakraborty

    This song will never gets old 🙏

  30. Alison


  31. Queeny Costa


  32. Mr. Zedd

    Feels like a Michael buble's Xmas song

  33. anitha mukeshimana

    I am drowning in this song alien boyfriend 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. Delaney Denvir


  35. Mia Phsyco

    Umm, nanni

  36. iRobloxGamer

    Taylor: everything is icy and blue. Everything near the equator: Am I a joke to you???

  37. Rithin reddy

    love this. i come here everyday

  38. Elizabeth Holcomb

    I am CRYING I love this so much!! 😭😭

  39. Damla Akgül

    To me, she was very lucky when she was a little girl. Her family especially her little brother was soo sweet ❤️

  40. Dayana Gzz

    I LOVE ITTT💙❄️💙

  41. ralph55555

    An instant classic. Thank You!

  42. Elif Nur

    The best day-2009 Chirstmas tree farm -2019 And memories...💙

  43. BLINK About It TWICE

    The next 'White Christmas' *Too far?*

  44. human human

    I'm crying, 2020 is coming and i just cant, Taylor has been a vital part of the decade and this song is definitely going to part of my 2020 playlist :(

  45. The Brinda Majumder

    *Can't believe this was released 2 years ago! Time flies and Taylor gets better and ages like fine Wine.*

  46. ElectroMarcin

    LOl in a jolly jumper like that? Is that Taylor Swift or did she bought some one else's childhood videos lol and placed them in the video.

  47. suparna pal

    Ugh, dont get me wrong this performance was incredible, but I'm kinda disappointed that she didn't sing even one song from the reputation era. :'(

  48. julie Kh

    This video gave me Ed's photograph vibes ;)

  49. sous keth

    Katy Perry's video and the song is better

    1. Jatin Gupta


  50. Matheus Ferreira

    Back when she didn't complain all the time.

  51. The Brinda Majumder

    This Taylor is so baddie. I love this!

  52. Connie Garrison


  53. Kavita Ramsaroop

    Awwww little Taylor is so cute. Love this ♡♡♡

  54. Peter2fast Cars


  55. Ivy Chawnghlut

    She wants the best in every performance and albums..I like her.

  56. Bk_kid 19

    SHE IS AMAZING ! AMAZINGGG !!! Instant classic I know

  57. Livia Caleffi

    This is just so sweet!

  58. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Can we please get rid of the "crazy women" stereotype, the games and the toxic relationships? I just want someone to love who loves me.


    this video is great .but hear are the shocking problems occurred during making this video @t

  60. Jorge Quijana

    No entender very mucho

  61. human human

    All of the songs hit a different section of my heart, some of which are from so long ago, and Taylor's songs have been with me forever, and the AMAs really helped me remember that.

  62. carlosjnma

    I hear what this is trying to sound like

  63. lol lol

    Very much not my child hood.

  64. Jhonatas


  65. Sirine Georges élève

    Awww she was such a cute baby

  66. Raquel Figueroa

    Christmas my favorite time of the year, then my birthday which to me is a holiday 😜 * this year Christmas is not much of a happy one because today it makes a week that my Grandpa passed, Mi Papí Kiko😭 Rest In Peace I will always remember as the happy, loving , Charismatic person that you were.😭😭😭

  67. massa Salahi

    SHE WAS SO CUUUTTEEEE 😢💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍😍 AND she 's had this sassy queen personality since december 13 /1989 💓💓💓😍😍😍

  68. Toniebradley

    Awe! You were so cute! Merry Christmas to you and your family! ❤️🌹


    That was beautiful 😭

  70. Anne Stewart

    Obsessed with this song 🤧💕😭

  71. Sara _ San

    OMG I love You si much im from iraq😭❤💕💕

  72. Mars


  73. hanna is lame


  74. Doris Wang

    Taylor is so talented...unlike me

  75. Our Founding Liars

    These aren’t Christmas trees, these are the devices the reptilians built to spread Mind control gas in the guise of oxygen. Keep asking questions. Investigate the reptilian farm. Keep asking questions

    1. miami daq

      It must be sad to be you... you can't even appreciate a song ...

    2. moni

      the birds work for the bourgeoisie

  76. Shannon Mckenzie

    Her was voice was perfect the whole time 😫

  77. Booha Kim

    You need clam down song

  78. Sapphire Huffleclaw

    Why are all my favourite artists releasing Christmas songsssssss?

  79. Anna Kalniņa

    0:13 It took me 3 attempts to notice she was crying😭❤

  80. Womi_ Tv

    So sweet😍❤️

  81. Chooblall Dharamdin

    I will be playing this song for Christmas. Thank you Taylor Swift!!, and season greetings to everyone else.

  82. Fans Club


  83. Bruna Marcon

    Melhor cilpe do planetaaa! Love Taylor!

  84. Mahim Hossain

    She keeps nailing it again and again.

  85. Ken Rodriguez


  86. Bhavik Patel

    This Taylor Swift looks so cute 😍😍

  87. París Arts

    Ok, who other than me got th notification of last christmas, but then it wasn't there?

  88. Adobea Boateng

    I promise that this is not the last time I'm going to watch this amazing video of this wonderful song

  89. Bad Girl

    Stream Romance By Camila Cabello

  90. María Sandra

    nobody is talking about how the dog ignored everyone in the family and keep running at 1:05

  91. Jackm8 !

    You can’t make Christmas songs they don’t work

  92. Kenzie Mimzi

    Baby TayTay is simply uwu

  93. Hikmet Yılmaz

    Tayloooorrrrrr such a cute baby

  94. Catsareawesome 808

    They be like: 🍔🍟

  95. Karson Arin

    This actually made me cry so much I love you Taylor 😭❤️

  96. Amanda Richardson

    Aww what a sweet song

  97. Jessica Klyn

    Her eyes have not changed !

  98. cathynewlife

    Brendon Urie told Taylor swift to put on this song.

  99. This Grasha

    My heart😍😍😍

  100. Dary WS.

    Love this song ❤️