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  1. 868.paul. tt

    Everytime He Hit The Ps4 I Said Ouchh That Shii Rlly Hurts😂😂

  2. tom beavers

    I want a Xbox but I don't have Facebook

  3. Deja Asmr

    Ooo Bianca looks good with bangs !! Love you guys

  4. Kennedy Dumas


  5. Young Assassin

    I love the prince family

  6. Marie Amvam

    And may be team Damien

  7. Wonder Videos

    B cute no matter what

  8. Andrea Green

    5# Bet A qp

  9. Tajay Ashand

    Team biannca

  10. Ciara Levier

    Bro I want all that and they smashing it

  11. Selena Brown

    Team Biannca

  12. Diane Alamo

    Her Boot is that real or it is just saying 😂

  13. Moesha Ellis

    This was lit🤘🤘🤘

  14. Gwendolyn Ellis

    Done luv u guys xoxoxo

  15. Nae Breezy

    Team Biannca All Day Everyday 🥰🖤👑

  16. M&C love

    Love your family and video

  17. Ella Roxana

    Team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaca 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 clike hear if you are te-am Bianca 👇🏻

  18. Lori J

    It’s an ax not a sledgehammer! 🙄

  19. Gregory Pope

    Really a blowdryer

  20. Madeline_leigh

    Team b I hate damien

  21. FaZe_Epic_PR _23

    Team D

  22. Marie Amvam

    Team biannnnnca all day everyday 😘❤️

  23. Jess Allan

    Done love u guys xxx

  24. Alexa Reis

    Team Bianca

  25. 868.paul. tt

    When I Saw Her Wrapping The Ps4 I Was Like Naww Bruhhhh I Know Biannca Ain't Go The 4 Bruhh Ik She Ain't About To Do This😂😂😂😂

  26. Liza Curtis

    Hi can I have t please I'm urbiggest fan

  27. Wendy dayz

    Yall crazy, ppl out here starving and yall chopping up expensive gifts

  28. Paula isdashawty


  29. Celeste Carrington

    I rather do team b

  30. Jaysia_Be_Slaying Babygirl

    Let’s go 🤣🤣

  31. Eric Manson

    I friended you on Instagram can you friend me

  32. Na_re_Malaka

    People cant afford stuff like that for Christmas and your destroying them for no reason

  33. irratating Buggies

    This is a power couple, No cap!!💚💚💚🥺🥺😭

  34. Mia Morales

    I want it pls my dream was to have makeup

  35. Ximena Portillo

    No offense but Damien likes to do stuff to B but he doesn’t like her to do stuff to him. Team B

  36. Rose Almonor

    Good video Damian be greatful

  37. Lil ishhh

    Let’s get 100k likes ✅

  38. Anthony tv


  39. diamond jordan

    For the fourth one I give you 1000 out of 10

  40. Enioska Zeledon


  41. Shadany Alvidrez

    That is the ps4 that my big brother has.

  42. Deshee04


  43. Chula Loca

    I love you videos let me know if you can do the giveaway.

  44. Amanda Bailey

    A 10

  45. patatoe


  46. Mary Mikell

    I liked shared and followed your Facebook

  47. Natalia Tapia

    Wow they just smashed a I pad omg

  48. Kimberly Johnson

    Do another one guys 😊

  49. brainmare

    *Who wants AirPods?* 💥 I will choose everyone who liked my last lnstagram post *My lnsta: brainmare*

  50. Claiborne Wade


  51. Alexandria Middleton

    :( waste of money They should’ve used “used” products even if they wanted expensive items :(

  52. brainmare

    *Who wants AirPods?* 💥 I will choose everyone who liked my last lnstagram post *My lnsta: brainmare*

  53. amber glover

    I need money for Christmas gifts 😭

  54. Luis Carballo

    Dear Bianca and DamienI love your videos I am your biggest fan I love you.

  55. Andrea Green

    4# outfit a 100


    This is just wasting money and things that could be given to someone in need tbh

  57. Rogelio Gonzalez


  58. BOSTON Bos

    I would like the frozen vanity for my baby cousin but I don know if she would like

  59. Abby Byers

    Love your videos

  60. Yolanda Parnell

    This was funny

  61. vJxsonv

    Bianca cringey

  62. Ocean Lake


  63. Grace Luna

    listen ro me

  64. Angela Rooney

    Love them

  65. Quashun Brewer

    ayy love the video and will forever be a supporter on would hope i win the xbox because i did what u said to do

  66. Jasmine Jean

    I am team Biannca all day every day 😕🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Margarita Robles


  68. brainmare

    *Who wants AirPods?* 💥 I will choose everyone who liked my last lnstagram post *My lnsta: brainmare*

  69. Alisha Sparkles

    Who love prince family 👇🏻

  70. MilkN Honey

    Damn.. 🤘if you got money it'll make you do things like this 🤔 meanwhile I have 3-4 presents for my son.. struggling like a mug.

  71. Samoria Soto

    Hey my lil sis 5 and she really love frozen she would love the frozen set

  72. JBC squad Gordon

    I followed y’all and liked

  73. Annette Ward

    Well I guess, you'll just have to go out, and replace the items you broke. LOL

  74. brainmare

    *Who wants AirPods?* 💥 I will choose everyone who liked my last lnstagram post *My lnsta: brainmare*

    1. Nalijah Jones


  75. diamond jordan

    For the third one I gave you a six out of 10

  76. NBASuperFan

    Y’all just wasted all of that stuff that people could actually use smh 🤦‍♂️

  77. Toni Ivey

    Omg Bianca I was literally cringing and panicking with you when he was taking the tube out

  78. QUEEN EDEN THE 1st


  79. Claiborne Wade


  80. Queen Of EveryThing

    Bianca mocks you every time if you didn’t notice 😭😭😭

  81. ieshalashay333

    Y'all should do teaching biannca how to beat while someone raping bc the video of don't choose the wrong present challenge was funny

  82. ShadowYT

    Im 2300 something... nice vid even thought i haven’t seen the whole video.

  83. Lifewith Deanna

    may i have the vanity set

  84. Kookiebila

    Ayy yo they dont call me no house louie for no reason. I needs that ps4 baby!

  85. Slyvie Ssebagala

    Good job D

  86. Dolce Sophia

    I want the makeup

  87. lil_ nia

    Can i have her old iphone 11 plz😘😘❤🔥

  88. Loanna Wright

    That is what you get Damion

  89. Johnny Charles



    Damiennn wrapped presents vs Bianca’s😂😂Damien u need work

  91. Rere Hall

    Bianca told you how to do that

  92. Tashia Juarez

    Ayyy lets get it man let’s go❣️❣️SHOUT ME OUT❣️❣️❣️IVE BEEN TRYING FOR YEARS LOL

  93. Chrissy Joyner


  94. Andrea Green

    3# Outflt a 5

  95. Mia Kennedy

    I use my phone for a alarm clock

  96. Mrs. E

    How can he purpose to her when he marry lol but that hair pull hell New

  97. Terrion Morrow

    Me eating Ritz crackers as Damien pulls them out 😑😑

  98. Joe C


  99. KeiandE


  100. Micaela Aguirre

    I lobe y’all videos , but as someone who’s struggled before I know there’s someone out there that could’ve used one of those expensive items and it is a waste .