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  1. Jacob Thomas

    This is the first song that when I heard this song for the 1st time That I got addicted..

  2. Tung Duy

    VIỆT NAM đâu các bạn ơi

  3. Evan Lopez


  4. Oscar Cortez


  5. Evan Lopez


  6. Gabriel Lizarraga

    I did it

  7. Marco Antonio Borquez Leon

    I love shawn mendes❤️❤️❤️😍😍☺️😘

  8. Zotac

    In like 10 years people will look back at this and be like This is the beginning of Camila Cabello and Shawn mendez

  9. me

    Who's here before this BOP SONGS hit 1BILLION !

  10. Thomas _


  11. LaurieBrennanCreates

    This performance tears me up every time I see it (and I've watched it a ton). It is so raw and emotional and as the mother of a grown son, it hurts me to think of him in this much pain. I wish I had been at this performance. Keep up the great work Shawn

  12. LilSweatyBird

    Do another collab with roomie

  13. Siramad Fernandez


  14. Siramad Fernandez


  15. Salvador Olvera

    Me ancanto

  16. JD Janssen

    Your so cooll

  17. Ashar Akhund

    Ashar Akhund

  18. Kami Dixon

    I would love to see him on my birthday 1 because its also his birthday and 2 hes the best singer in the world

  19. Diego Godoy

    tengo que empezar a dejar de confundir Shawn Mendez con DJ Mendez .-.

  20. いぬ


  21. Life of Jin

    Remind me of workin at the CNE in Toronto😩 miss summer time

  22. Ari Gameplays

    Se parece a la divaza

  23. ryan cairns

    ultra awesome vocals - no autotune here. She is former X factor winner and that is all LIVE vocal performance.

  24. let it go

    whos here before 1B

  25. Jose luis Hernandez

    Muy. Bonita. Su. Canción. Muy. Hermosa. Señorita. Yu. Lala

  26. z malik

    Wow 😮 good 🌟 one

  27. z malik

    Shawn you are good 🌟 singre

  28. Spider-Man

    Japón es un país muy lindo para vacacionar, pero yo te regalo vivir ahí.

  29. nicolas fernandez


  30. Lucia Sanchez

    I love u so much ❤❤❤

  31. Khloee

    Shawn and Camila: We’re just friends. 6ix9ine: That’s a lie!

  32. z malik

    Friends forever

  33. alba carolina

    Ella no quiere nada federica

  34. OwlTheNoob

    Everyone be like "KISS!!!!!!!!!!"

  35. flippin happiness

    half of these views are probably all mine.......

  36. Gilberthadon

    When you find out fortnite season 2 episode 2 comes out tommorow. 3:13

  37. xXGachaQueenLailaXx Gacha Cookie

    HOW IS HE SO TALL.!?!?!

  38. OwlTheNoob

    i think this song is about shawn and camilla love story.....

  39. Ana Julia

    Hellow my name iam Ana Júlia sou do Brasil mais sei um pouco de inglês🇧🇷

  40. 奶味白糖

    When we are having science class and learn about señorita fish The whole class will be like 🎵 I love you when you call me señorita~~~

  41. Adexe y Nau Ofc.

    Me encanta Shawn es hermoso😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘...

  42. maxime Tremblay

    Tu est mon chanteur pref et tu fait sentir ce que les autre recan quand il se fait du mal 💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💖💕💕💖💞

    1. maxime Tremblay


    2. maxime Tremblay


  43. Dora Rosiles


  44. Artur0712 Eduardo

    A rucka ali parody song🤩

  45. MRX 006

    Камилла классная

  46. Alex wlyde

  47. my village creations 2017

    Am subscribed your channel Dear

  48. Dorothy Ann Thomas

    There’s nothing holding me back!!!!

  49. Nick Hansen

    shawn Mendes you are i wis h be with you for ever i want you and Bruno Mars you guys cancome over to my house and sing a song in my birthday i bleve that is Great

  50. Danica Eggleston

    When people say this video is boring it makes me so mad. They are expecting twerking, argument, swearing, and other inappropriate features when really this is beautiful song with beautiful lyrics that actually mean something and touch people where all the other songs now a days make no sense at all.

  51. Nisha Kumar

    Shawn please make a song on 19 may please on my birthday please

  52. Orange Dragon

    Who’s here 2030?

  53. Rosangela Lins

    Shawn Mendes I love you!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  54. Rosangela Lins


  55. Mel thor

    Is there a movie? Haha

  56. Penélope Charmosa

    Mano eu sonhei e tava tocando essa música no sonho! Foi muito loko!

  57. Rosangela Lins

    O melhor,Shawn Mendes canta e me encanta!! 😬💕❤❤😉

  58. miriam jungreis

    who's still watching and obsessed in 2020?? ;)

  59. 1234 5678

    0% girl 100% Shawn is handsome

  60. Juliana Costa

    Essa música e foda

  61. Isaque Mello Alfaia

    Eu amo de paixão

  62. Johan Rijo

    K sevesen

  63. Dayane Rodrigues

    amooo essa misica de mais essa musica e top essa musica e linda amoooo ❤❤❤❤❤

  64. Rajtanushree Dutta

    Where should I start Wht do I like more about him his looks, his songs , both Since I first laid my eyes on him when I was 16 and he's the reason I'm still single (not joking )

  65. Chang Chang

    Nghe hoài k chán

  66. Chou Tzuyu

    Where is my "scrolling through the comments while listening" squad at?

  67. hi Torres

    In ur under arms I can see the hairs

  68. LexipNex

    This is the perfect music video to tell you to never give up 🤒

  69. Amy Diallo


  70. Danoninho zueiro

    Sou brasileiro muita boa a música👍👍👍

  71. Diaz Family

    Shawn mendes and camila cabello:we’re just friends Me:thaN WHY DID U KISS HER IF UR JUST FRIENDS? 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 🤷🏻‍♀️

  72. izabelly Vitória

    Laís bonomia Beijos

  73. 정한설

    □■□■□□■□■□■□□■□■□ □■□■□□■□■□■□□■□■□ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□

  74. Cesar Guerra

    me gusta esta cancion

  75. Genevieve Leclairc


  76. okami 15

    IS BEAUTIFUL song!..😍🦊

  77. TheGoatEric

    This is a vary good song

  78. SWeMX

    When the girl falls for the asshole just because hes a bad boy.. and then later she comes for you.. I aint no f*cking second. No way.

  79. La Villa Urbanizacion

    la mejor cancion

  80. Samantha Tomlinson

    In serious notes tho: just tell em where you been. Least don’t lie

  81. bubble butt

    this is biggest sweet fake relationship

  82. Finn


  83. Wendy De los Santos

    Me gusta

    1. Wendy De los Santos


  84. lidia Avalos


  85. Luis Lazarde

    I love this song. Im not really into tjis kind of music but i blame Camilla


    Quem é br

  87. Seb Cid

    Alguien habla español?! 👇👎🏻

    1. Maryenn Pulido

      Yo XD

  88. Julia Valentini Marin

    Cada vez que escucho esta canción me acuerdo de Hugo y Anaju 🙃

  89. The Hic Family dual

    I love him can you be my valentine

  90. Sebastián López

    Adhisyisuoahbshpshjfjjdjffkyoodyjeuidyk Ttahksgjjksd zñdgpshoshjsh Sostkdhosykdi

  91. ana livia


  92. hey its me bella

    If they only knew they’d be together in the future XD

  93. SphinxsHead

    What did Shawn Mendes do to piss off John Cena?

  94. Bąbelek 12

    Where is mendes army?

  95. Maria Jose

    Alguém vendo depois de ver aquela brincadeira de fingir bate na cara dele pela tv?

  96. sparkscouldfly 90

    I haven't had sex by choice in nearly half a decade but Oh Lord would I make an exception for him, sweet Jesus!

  97. Antonia Lima

    Alguém ouvindo em fevereiro de 2020.

  98. Aleksandra Hac

    Ktoś z PL?

  99. Teodora Jonic

    wtf are they actually kissing at 3:43