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  1. 俆秀雲

    This episode provides a great relief. Things are getting brighter and brighter. 🌈🌤☀️

  2. Eric Fremd

    More drone footage would be cool. Show the empty streets maybe the only chance to get these dramatic footage. Great video. 👍 Speedy recovery! 🙏🙏 Wuhan.

  3. AweSomo84

    Tell us real news than these fabricated videos looks like propaganda

  4. 出生20天的双胞胎说:坚决支持妈妈支援武汉 brave Chinese are gathering here to release real information to the world. Life in China is not sweet but dangerous. This virus will kill more in other countries. It’s hard to cure.

  5. Dddd Llll

  6. Connie Leung

    請問背景音樂是什麼 很動人

  7. Shirley Martin

    China bans eating of wild animals.

  8. Funnyear2019 Brown

    So sad to know they don’t have enough daily supply like toothpaste, and community was lockdown nobody was allowed to go out/ get in. No enough food supply either. Everything needed has to be ordered by community office.

  9. JOSE


  10. JOSE


  11. Patrick Chan


  12. Michael Rondo

    Blessing to u an your family and friends

  13. 出生20天的双胞胎说:坚决支持妈妈支援武汉

    Want to back up Chinese people? Please read Gnews and you will find out about the real life of ordinary people in China. Especially if they are in Wuhan, Lack of foods, inadequate hospital and rude government. But this channel is a propaganda.

  14. handi HNV


  15. Jeba Rani

    Wow it is good to see her God bless you

  16. Jellybean Vlogs

    Keep safe always ❣️ were here for prayers...☺️

  17. G 4 D FLOW

    Add raw garlic to her soup it will help youre wife recover faster.

  18. 藍鯨


  19. Jia Hui Su


  20. 李慧貞


  21. 秦義梧


  22. 秦義梧


  23. Gary Germain

    I'm so glad that this nurse is feeling better there was a lot of prayers going out for her and Praise the Lord, He answers prayers thank you Jesus!

  24. Master Goldenfish

    最後夜景也太多戶沒開燈了… 細思極恐

  25. Alessia Barcella


  26. 巫Cling


  27. brian wang

    有力氣吵架表示漸入佳境,相信一切會越來越好的,武漢加油! 來自台灣的祝福

  28. Tom LY

    God bless both of you, and Wuhan patients...Life is the most precious...

  29. Li Chen

    这老公挺好玩儿。 简单的日常看出中国人的国家和集体观念,一家几代人,社区,城市,都在配合。这是最让人感动的。

  30. Connie Wang


  31. Erl Nicolas

    Yey..she is energetic and laughing now.good!

  32. Telewiz Telewiz


  33. Debbie Sea-Kay

    海棠和李婷是这种情况下的希望大使,中国应该为这些公民感到自豪。 Haitang and Li Ting are ambassadors of hope in this situation, and China should be proud of these citizens.

  34. Bb


  35. Ruthann Bowman

    I'm glad she's getting better this has been such a strain on people and resources I hope it gets better seeing that sunset makes it better that things are gonna get better and you'll be together with your wife and son I can't even imagine how fustrating and stressful it is on you my prayers are with you and everyone fighting this God bless

  36. Welyn Belicano


  37. wong昏


  38. Maharlika Illustrator

    Keep praying christians ..please include wuhan people who suffer to this virus...from the philippines

  39. LoveBug Loves Jesus

    It's like a soap opera! Prayers🙏

  40. LetoAtreides82

    She's beautiful, I wish the best for you two. After she's discharged be careful both of you as some scientists in China have said last week that some people who recover from Covid-19 can still infect others and possibly reinfect themselves, and if they are correct I hope the time in which they can still infect others and themselves is short. For the regular flu for example once you recover from the flu you can still infect others and yourself for up to 14 days. Hopefully for this coronavirus it is much shorter than that.

  41. Shawna M

    Thank you for the update from California! Stay safe and God bless💕💕

  42. kjgjhhfd wyrteurt


  43. chun tang Wang

    嗡 鉢囉末鄰陀寧裟婆訶

  44. sbrazwell42

    Must be feeling better..she is smiley..and sounds good.. I hope her room mate gets better soon as well..

  45. Seriously In Christ

    So excited for you! Now everybody stay virus free!

  46. Roshini Moodley

    hi . i am so happy to see that you guys are happy and that your wife is getting better. praying for you guys. love from south africa

  47. Z C


  48. Telewiz Telewiz


  49. 如梗在喉


  50. olizk

    叹气”我就是个操心的命“ 😂

  51. 出生20天的双胞胎说:坚决支持妈妈支援武汉

    Be careful with this cheating video and try to find the truth. The point is if the patient is serious, the “wife” couldn’t breathe smoothly so she is unable to smile so easily and if she is good enough to chat via video camera everyday, she will be not allowed to stay in the hospital for such a long period because more serious patients are waiting for treatment outside the hospital. To find more truth, please go to Gnews to learn how a communist propaganda team cheating the world. The bleeding truth is in Gnews.

  52. kaltmond1981

    海棠病了 听口音听出来的

  53. 船川


  54. Nater from decatur shoop

    The goddam subtitles are in a Chinese language!

  55. May Li


  56. timmy ngan

    撐著 全國在挺你們

  57. May Lee


  58. 中国北京


  59. zheng guan


  60. Mendy Ren


  61. Dominique GUILLARD


  62. lisa morand

    al illness takes such a toll on everyone. like a rollercoaster

  63. 郝浩祚


  64. 王祥宇


  65. Anita Li


  66. 郝浩祚


  67. Jean Calangan

    Good to hear she’s okay🙏

  68. sofi212223


  69. Consuelo Vigil

    I feel so happy about you and your wife, thanks to the lord, she made it 🙏 I hope you are able to si soon your son 🙏🕊💖🧚‍♂️💓💝

  70. kan Ck


  71. Nicole Wei


  72. Ziyang Xiong


  73. Sherry Wang

    it seems Wuhan tightens further. No one is allow out at all. Stay strong.

  74. Je suis moi-même

    I don’t know for you guys but I feel like they are part of my family now. I was a bit shocked when I found myself wondering about the wellbeing of Liting today -

  75. Patrick Chan

    好棒!加油!精神不錯!還是不可不小心!武漢還在嚴重的疫情中 !

  76. DebbyGaga




  78. Boy PK

    看到你兩口子打情罵俏, 真有趣, 也證明你太太身體越來越好了, 希望快點可以出院

  79. Yao Ge


  80. Rhona Low

    Bless you both. Good health, speedy recovery, and much love.

  81. BullHead

    It’s odd how well these little videos are produced, multiple camera angles, professional editing. How curious.

    1. Q S

      He works in a media company. His coworkers helped.

  82. Lisa L

    很喜欢看这个家庭的故事系列,拍的很真实很朴素,短短的几分钟视频就抓住了读者的心,让人感动👍 看见李婷气色很好,真为你们高兴。武汉的春天来了,你们终于要团聚了。谢谢分享。

  83. juremaPR Rodrigues

    Amei! saber que vcs estão bem! depois dessa crise umas férias para levantar o astral. um abraço do BRASIL.

  84. pakachun


  85. 孙小虎1981


  86. 李小平

    不是冤家不成夫妻 吵完就算 加油 祝早日康復

  87. Gayan Rangana I've made a video for China Wuhan Come on China Come on Wuhan 中国加油,武汉家哟 🙏🇨🇳❤

  88. Nora Koci

    ooo so happy for you ,,,you did very well, good job

  89. 李小平

    継续為她祈禱 祝早日康復 加油

  90. yachi yang


  91. Swee Yoon Wong

    以下是纯粹我个人的看法,提醒一下李婷,你的口罩有习惯性掉到鼻子以下的问题,要注意哦!不然口罩就白戴了,如果太松,可以在绳子那边打个结,鼻梁上的铁丝,角度折的尖一些,如果还是有同样的问题,可以请教身边的人。 之前我在另一个视频中,也发觉另外一个被感染的医生,他好像也有类似的问题,大家要注意小心哦。 祝大家身体健康。

  92. wendyA Andreesen

    God Bless you and family. John 3:16🙏🌷💕

  93. 陳麗芩


  94. ANTONY König


  95. Rodora inodoro

    English pls thanks

    1. liu nancy

      The video already has English subtitle.

  96. Diadem Glow

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

  97. aslesterG580

    Cried, best wishes to them

  98. Rimba Wati

    Syukurlah Liting berangsur sembuh. Haitang suami yg bertanggungjawab dan baik.

  99. LING P


  100. crystal yang

    加油💪🏼 希望你們一家能快點團聚