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  1. Sherk Marcelo


  2. reptil desumano

    O paia e que entendo nada q ele fala eu só acho q no karate kid ele era mais daora minha opinião

  3. Kelvin De

    Still, Thus strong hits hard and goes hard

  4. Na Ro

    Am your fan from Cambodia❤️🇰🇭

  5. reem nijem

    Listening to this rn as everything’s happening. Rebel child, you might loose your life.

  6. Wilfredo Hernandez

    after 6 years of relationships and two children our story ended and she left telling me she need to take a break it was my first love, three months after I still suffer so much .. your music helps me a lot Jayden but this song is the deepest it prevented me from doing a lot of bullshit .. is like you read in my head your post the video at the same time when I wanted to do very fucktop stuff .. thx Bro💌 -Sometime love is about letting go💔🩸

  7. Arthur Araújo


  8. Cahyo Yufeca

    Go to the karate kid 2 🤪🤪


    3:51 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Karen Jones

    he ruined himself he looks like a crack addict now

  11. Olivia O'Sullivan

    I kept gravitating back to this song after first listen. This song is underrated in my opinion ❤️

  12. Switch

    If Jaden wasn’t Will Smiths son. He would be one of the biggest artists and most respected pioneers on the globe.

  13. jimmy alejandro garces nuñes

    alguien mas en el 2020 recordandolo como era en karate kid, ahora parece raquitico. # con la cuarentena escuchando huevadas

  14. Juprtehbest Sup

    No offense but your neck long asf

  15. Angela Ruban

    This is the best comment section lol😂

  16. Adriana Henao garzon

    Estás muy feo jande

  17. Gio J

    hey im doing a project for school. Does anyone know what Ninety means, like the title of the song?

  18. eduardo peña


  19. Peppa Amanda!

    Vc mesmo brasileiro vendo esse comentário seu safado acho que fosse o único brasileiro né kkkk😐

  20. Davina Ordonez Ramos

    jaden why you look ugly?

  21. Team orozco Orozco

    Este pelado no vale monda

  22. misswallstreet

    This beat is amazing and Jaden is very talented -- i just wish he'd chosen different lyrics. He's the son of 2 multimillionaires and grew up in privilege - yet this song perpetuates drug-dealing and gang-banging stereotypes that aren't even his reality. I think if Jaden were to actually represent himself authentically, people would be more drawn to his music.

  23. Neypher El Nepe

    *Logro Desbloqueado* hallaste un comentario en Español :V

  24. Dreama Lynch

    Who listening to this in 2020


    this is too tyt

  26. SinsAreContagious

    I love how he tells a story in his music, its so beautiful

  27. alex mena

    good shitt

  28. Saint Hanson

    I have money though

  29. GuiKoreia


  30. Qwonk numbertwo

    Yuh get into it

  31. Jeanmarcosmc

    *La droga cada vez lo consume más...*

  32. young broke

  33. MTS

    Bro this 🔥

  34. Tiana T. McIntosh

    Elevin stop hateing

  35. ryan vanzyl

    Hahah we all from Africa , dancing with his European girl .... sell out

  36. muP8085

    Chewtya 😏

  37. Rylan Riggs

    Now this is the Vibe Jaden you found it!

  38. Carlos Rodriguez

    Pura mierda

  39. they ronny

    Estas enfermo jaden

  40. LGD JhonSX


  41. Chris Arcila

    where was this shot at ?

  42. Brian John Reyna

    Crybaby lil rich kid problems smh



  44. LUCA Sola

    Cancion de mierda

  45. LUCA Sola

    Tus canciones son mierda

  46. Adam Skidmore

    Who the **** is disliking this


    Vuelve a ser el de antes jaden

  48. FALLS FF

    karate Kid

  49. Ashutosh verma

    Han 🌟 🌸

  50. Mines GamingDotNet

    why this is not went viral? this is the best song by jaden

  51. Camarandall

    Hes not even saying the right words in the video lmaoo

  52. Dania Nasir


  53. Barika TheWulul


  54. Cristian Camejo

    Puto el que lo lea, like si hablas español

  55. CR Se bas

    #padre desepcionado

  56. ashley south

    so freaking dope man , I hope to work with you one day.. speaking it first !

  57. Jericho Astro

    I was just browsing random music on YT looking for good stuff. Clicked this by accident then I was like "hol' up, is that mah boi Jaden?" I'm not into much hip-hop/rap but I vibe with this a lot.

  58. Gustavo Melendez

    a artist bro

  59. Paige Sherriff

    I love how he doesn’t mumble and his words are clear unlike most rappers 🙏much respect

    1. Lawtrina Kerkula

      I like how your so asleep about these evil celebs

  60. Dmitri Guk

    panorama drums - super-duper

  61. Steeevie Wonder

    it's awful this song

  62. yahir villanueva

    Megusto tu bideo 👏😁

  63. Mathu

    this guy filmed like 40 videos in one day and is releasing them years after years

  64. Pedro Jaramillo


  65. TheClumsy


  66. MASTER._.

    Q onda con el carate kid Y donde esta su novia la china jaj😢😢😢😢😢me pone mal solo pensar en esto

  67. Codof

    Sick song

  68. Fenix Music

    Sigue buscando al capitan america

  69. Vann Nation

    Karate kid tá estranho

  70. Maroki Clucher

    xno had lkhra khouna hreb lih

  71. Rohan Panchal


  72. Lynda Boubakeur

    Omg you are no dead jaden 🤯

  73. Алима Отузбаева

    I REALLY LIKE IT. It get me in a sooo deep mood. Bring out so many emotion, expressing in different moves in lonely room. Thank you. I think it was matter to wait 2 years.

  74. bmalhjw

    when u type n it show dis IMAO LOL🤣🤣

  75. Kristoph Ty

    Dope song... Very interesting... Very different. I don't fully understand what the songs about. But I'll listen a few more times, and maybe it'll be clear by then.

  76. ruth pieron

    good music jaden and willow

  77. didier

    Dios mío

    1. mixio hili

      Yo whatsup jaden

  78. King

    2:27 at 3:05 the beat is amazing

  79. Killer Frost


  80. Calin Turner

    I hope everyone has an amazing day. With everything going on in our world we need to take a second and be thankful for life. Bless up

    1. mixio hili

      bruh how I listened to this song 30 times today this my mood rn love ur music g

  81. Danial Abikov

    Karate boy!?

  82. Artiyya

    Trippy af ! I LOVE IT

  83. Diego Leonardo SORIA MORI

    sts enfermo oe parker eras bien de karete kid hasta q te malograste tu carrera ni los demas actores no quieren trabajr contigo tu eres una shit

  84. Nouf Al.


  85. The big umm

    I love this song so much since its exactly how my relationship came to be. Happy one year Darling <3

  86. Tarki Balushi

    وااااو روعه

  87. JWOLF


  88. Sr. Read

    Pfvr esse aí não e o mlk do karatê kid não né?

  89. Mauricio Élison

    Gangster ? No no no ! Tu não sabes o que queres de la vida boy.

  90. Iron Man


  91. cxggul

    The man in the background at 1:18 is straight vibing...

  92. El_Matador_pro_king 199

    What happened to you karate kid :0

  93. brandon orantes

    is it just me or is he expressing feelings right now but if he is then I respect you bro hope you are feeling better


    Karate kid is dope as fuck!!!

  95. santiago garacia pachon

    this tired is very good

  96. Be Correa


  97. imsry

    i think she wants to leave me and i cant do anything about it ://

  98. someone in the chat

    Reminds me of someone I once knew :/

  99. Sedrix Takinawa

    Это не хейт, но рили, клип же можно сделать пиздатым, а не посредственным, Джейдан, бро, разъеби, ты могёшь!

  100. Amaan Khan

    Who is erys your second father